Maintaining the PH Level is Important

One of the most important parts of pool care is maintaining the PH levels in your swimming pool. Maintaining the PH is the key to keeping your swimming pool a safe and clean environment for swimming. Chlorine is used to kill algae and bacteria, while chemicals such as muriatic acid keep the pH levels balanced in your pool.

How to Check Your Swimming Pools PH Levels

To monitor PH levels, you’ll need test strips and a drop kit to check the pH levels. It also is important to keep the water volume of your pool consistent; levels that are lower-than-normal can make the chemicals you add too intense and water levgels that are higher-than-normal can dilute them and make them less than effective. Improper water levels can also have an adverse effect on filtration and circulation.

To protect your interior finish, always make sure to maintain proper PH levels in your swimming pool. The proper PH for a swimming pool is 7.2 to 7.8. To raise PH simply use baking soda, to lower PH use muriatic acid in the deep end of your swimming pool in the evening with the pump off.