There’s nothing worse than going outdoors with the intent to have a swim in your Dallas backyard pool only to realize that it is filled with leaves and other swimming pool debris. It is something that will surely mess up your day. After all, what’s the use of a pool if it is not clean enough to use? But you should not experience this issue anymore. It is perfectly easy to have a debris-free pool if you are willing to take the appropriate steps. It definitely is possible!

swimming pool debris

Here are Important Tips for Dealing with Swimming Pool Debris:

1. Perimeter fence

Installing a fence around your pool will prevent any larger bits of debris entering the pool. It can be expensive to fit an entire fence around your backyard pool. But it is certainly worth thinking about in order to keep the pool clean and safe as it possibly can be.

2. Get Rid of Overhanging Tree Branches

This is an easy technique, but it is effective. If trees are surrounding your backyard pool, it will get full of leaves and twigs very fast. To avoid this, you need to deal with any overhanging tree branches that will be causing you issues. This is easy to do to. You simply need a secure ladder to scale up and proper tools. You most likely need a chainsaw to deal with any big branches.

swimming pool debris

3. Reconsider Landscaping

If you find yourself regularly cleaning up leaves out of the pool, it may be time for you to take measures that will reduce work in the future. In most cases, heavy foliage swimming pool debris is due to defective pool building. If the pool was constructed near a mood line’s edge or under a tree grove, possibilities are an accumulation of leaves greet you each morning.

If you only plant a few trees at your home a landscaping service will get rid of them at a fee, which is probably less than a lifetime of maintenance. You can also consider planting low-level shrubs and bushes to block wind from bringing foliage into your pool.

4. Pool Cover

Having a pool cover is a great idea. If you have a pool cover that fits well and is secure, you will not have any issues keeping out swimming pool debris.

You will also find many different kinds of covers. For this reason, you need to learn a little bit about all of them before choosing which one will protect your pool well. Whatever you decide to do, do not decide hastily without providing it with the right level of thought to avoid disappointment later on.

swimming pool debris

Need Help with Pool Dealing with Swimming Pool Debris?

We understand that you do not always have time to do a thorough cleanup. That is why we’re here to help. Our team of pool specialist here at Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas will look after all the stressful maintenance job. This means all you need to do is focus on enjoying the pool. Get in touch with us today so that you can schedule a pool cleanup! This will help get the pool pristine and sparkling once more in no time.

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