When summertime finally arrives, the last thing you will want to do is stress over opening your pool for the swimming pool season. Since it is beginning to get warm enough, homeowners across the state are starting to prepare early, and there is no reason your loved ones have to be left out. By using these tips and taking the needed steps, your Redding pool should be ready to go before you know it.

Swimming Pool Season

Premier Pools & Spas, your Redding pool builders, would like to emphasize just how simple it is to get your backyard oasis in great shape. We’ll be glad to help you get control of the pool and transform it into your dream spot.

Here’s how you can prepare your Redding pool for the swimming pool season and fun:

Clean up and store the pool cover:

If you don’t know how to prepare your backyard pool for the swimming pool season, the likelihood is you do not have a pool cover. Get one right away! Not only will a pool cover keep debris from entering the pool, but it can also help you save money on your energy bills. This means it will help to naturally regulate your pool water’s temperature. Pool covers are also quite inexpensive, so getting one should be easy.

Inspect water levels & fixtures:

After cleaning your swimming pool, you will want to ensure that any special fixtures in the swimming pool are in good working order. So, you should walk around your pool and test all diving boards, steps, ladders, and rails. This will help you see loose bolts and nuts or other indications of possible future concern. Provided that you are careful, the fixtures should be alright.

Swimming Pool Season

Depending on what type of pump you have, you may have to also adjust the water levels. Get details from the pool pump guide, or an expert at Premier Pools, Redding pool builders, to ensure your pool’s water levels are compliant.

Check the levels of chemicals:

Pool owners use chlorine to ensure bacteria doesn’t survive and reproduce. But excessive amounts of chlorine can be hazardous and affect the color in your loved one’s swimsuits and hair. Regularly checking the pH balance at least once every week is an important part of being a responsible pool owner. You should frequently check the swimming pool rules with your loved ones or anybody else using the swimming pool. These regulations include only swimming in pools, which have been lately chlorine-tested.

Our professionals also encourage you to perform some safety inspections around the pool  for a safe swimming pool season:

  • Check and repair any loose stones, coping or tile.
  • Inspect all plastic in and around your pool- light covers, intake covers, water jets, etc. You should fix anything that has a sharp edge or crack.
  • Ensure any diving boards or ladders are structurally sound.

Swimming Pool Season

Getting Your Dream Pool -Hire the Experts!

You can use this helpful information to open your pool for the swimming pool season. Do you need help with or materials for opening your Redding backyard pool? Professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Redding will gladly answer any questions about pool openings.

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