With lots of swimming pool colors to select from, it can be a difficult process choosing the best the pool color for your San Antonio pool. Homeowners usually start by asking to see the most widely used pool colors when stopping by our pool display centers. Yet, like many trends, what’s trending today might not be trendy tomorrow. Because of this, we encourage our customers to think about several key factors when selecting a pool color.

Swimming Pool Colors

In addition to that, it is essential to keep in mind that swimming pool colors can be influenced by several different outdoor elements. For example, the pool’s depth, shadowing from buildings and trees and the sky’s color at any given time. Other factors include the surrounding colors when it comes to the house, paving and coping. These can affect the color tone in your backyard oasis as well.

Here are some important tips when choosing swimming pool colors:


To be able to make your swimming pool the standout feature of your San Antonio backyard space, you need to pick a pool color that contrasts with the surroundings of your pool. For instance, darker pools stand out together with light granite, pale decking, light limestone or creamy sandstone. A lighter color, on the other hand, looks perfect with darker surrounding surfaces, such as orange-toned sandstone, dark granite, dark wooden decking.

Check out pool galleries

Your pool contractor needs to have a gallery of pictures from previous customers that they’ve dealt with. You can use them to get a proper picture of different color mixtures you might want to explore.

Swimming Pool Colors

Always make changes to these swimming pool colors depending on your preferences. But at least this will provide you with a visual of what your backyard oasis might look like. You might also use the gallery to explore special pool features and pool shapes that you might add onto your pool over time (water features, lighting, etc.).

Choose your preferred swimming pool colors

This is the most essential thing. For a long time, we’ve built swimming pools that are black, red, blue, purple, green and a mixture of all these. Many of them, when completed properly, look wonderful. Remember that you’re the one who has to check it out on a daily basis.

Get professional advice

Ultimately, it might be wise to talk to the best Professionals at Premier Pools, San Antonio pool builders. You’ll be able to learn what your choices are and which colors will suit your needs. They can inform you what color blends are sought after near you and those that work best for your budget. Regardless of what your dream pool might be, it’s possible to make it a reality using the right help readily available.

Swimming Pool Colors

Contact Premier Pools & Spas!

Ask your pool builder for recommendations and to provide you with samples of what swimming pool colors can look like in both the swimming pool and in your pool’s entire landscape space. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of San Antonio today and allow our professionals to match you the best color for your San Antonio pool.

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