Upgrading your backyard in Illinois doesn’t have to blow your savings. Thanks to these amazing DIY ideas, courtesy of Premier Pools & Spas, you can make your backyard more lively, livable and fun. They range from simple to more elaborate ideas, all of which can make your outdoor space more enjoyable. Let’s take a look!

Create a Fountain for Yourself


A cool but simple feature that will blend effortlessly with your enclosed backyard in Illinois. Summer is already out the door, so this fall-inspired water fountain is a great way to add tons of curb appeal to your Illinois home for the coming season. If you have a tea pot laying around the house this is a great opportunity to make use of it. You can find the tutorial here.

Comfy DIY Seating Area

Outdoor furniture can be very pricey. Luckily there are many ways in which you can make tables, benches and chairs without blowing your budget. Just take a look at this inexpensive concrete block, dry-stacked decorated with cushions. It’s affordable but provides a convenient place for people to rest in the backyard.

Light Up Your Illinois Backyard

Adding outdoor lights is still one of the easiest ways to spruce up your outdoor space. They’re perfect for any mood, fun and decorative, with enough sparkle to brighten your outdoor space. Get creative! Arrange them around a tree, or drape, or simply use them to lined your outdoor table.

Stone Hardscaping


Hardscaping is one of the costliest landscaping options, but the leftover stones at your landscaping supply store in Illinois or big box offers a more affordable option. Try to get your hands on some. Dry stalked them in the backyard. Incorporate some flowers of your choices. Hardscaping has never been easier!

DIY Outdoor Bar


Whether you’re hanging out by your swimming pool or just relaxing in your backyard, having refreshments close by is always a good thing. So, here’s a good idea you may want to consider. With your own backyard bar you serve up your favourite cocktails whenever you want to. All you’ll need is a shelving unit to mount your exterior wall and a drawstring door to give it a more.  You’ll have to know how to use a hammer. Bummer, but you won’t regret it!

DIY Fire Bowl

 You may not have a large enough budget to install a fireplace. But with this creative, affordable option you can cozy up around a flickering fire to enjoy roasted marshmallow in your Illinois backyard. It may look complicated but this DIY fire bowl can be done in about half an hour. Don’t believe us. Well see for yourself, check out the tutorial here.

These DIY ideas offers an affordable option for you to spruce up your outdoor space in Illinois but if you’re ready to take a bigger step, contact Premier Pools & Spa. A swimming pool or water feature installed by our Illinois team, is bound to add a new level of fun to your backyard. Give us a call.

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