Owning a pool gives you the liberty of using it any time of day. Do not let the darkness of night prevent you from taking a refreshing swim. Pool lighting comes to the rescue at such times. It brightens up the poolside and even adds a touch of glamour, especially when hosting parties.

Light-emitting diodes (LED’s) provide the perfect illumination for your poolscape and even cut electricity costs. These allow you to use your pool by night without a shadow of fear. LED lighting is gaining in popularity owing to them being easier to install, brighter, highly efficient, and lasting for more extended periods.

Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to installing, using, and maintaining lights around water bodies. Keep in mind the following guidelines concerning your pool lighting:

Voltage a Major Consideration

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Compared to other forms of lighting, pool lights are very powerful and tend to overheat. Hence, installing a lower voltage light proves to be less hazardous in the long run. The best choice is undoubtedly a 12-volt lighting system. The surrounding pool water usually helps to keep the heat emitted from the lights, under check.

Quality of the Fixtures

Inexpensive plastic fittings are not suitable for use, especially near water. Such products are far inferior and highly susceptible to damage. Instead, metals that do not rust are best suited to withstand unpredictable outdoor conditions. These include fixtures made of quality cast brass, stainless steel, and copper.

Use of Appropriate Wiring

Install all wiring next to water in conduit. Given conduit systems have an extra layer of safety, are durable and easy to replace, make them the best bet. At no point in time should any part of your fixtures or wiring be submerged in water. Another added feature of conduit systems is that they are resistant to damage.

Proper Grounding of Transformers  

As per manufacturer recommendations and the prevailing local safety codes, ground all transformers. Only use pool rated transformers and abide by the laid down installation rules to ensure adequate safety of all concerned.

Ideal Location

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Install light fixtures away from the water’s edge. Maintaining an approximate distance of six feet is advisable. After all, you do not want any person while even partly in the water to touch a light fixture accidentally. The consequences in such a scenario can be extremely grave. Another factor to bear in mind is that exposure to pool water corrodes light fixtures. To safeguard yourself on both fronts, choose an appropriate location while installing your pool lighting.

Additional Layer of Protection

Each component of a lighting system likely to come in close contact with water needs protection to prevent chances of electrocution. Ground fault circuit interrupters serve this very purpose. Install them as a precautionary measure.

LED lights require the least amount of maintenance as they last longer. When you compare the frequency with which you generally replace regular bulbs, it outnumbers the LED bulb changes.

Make a provision for functional lights in your pool area and elevate your poolside experience after sunset.

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