If you intend to make the most of your backyard area, adding waterslides to the pool makes sense. When choosing the best custom pool features, waterslides top the list, especially for homes with kids. However, the installation of a natural grotto waterslide needs more expertise than a simple plastic slide. Grotto slides add more appeal and natural beauty to your backyard. They create a soothing and serene atmosphere to spend more time outdoors. Here are the ways to incorporate grotto slides into a swimming pool.

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Calculate the Area around the Pool

Before the right type of pool slide, you should measure the area around your pool. Also, calculate the size of your pool deck. These measurements are important to choose grotto waterslides that complement the overall layout. You should prefer working with experienced pool professionals to customize the size and shape of the slide as per your expectations. Here, it is also important to check the location of the pool. Depending on it, you can angle the slide to the right or left. Lastly, consider if you want to connect the water source to the slide.

Follow the Regulations

Although your backyard is your private space, you need to follow the guidelines from CPSC or Consumer Protection Safety Commission. It is a government agency that forms safety guidelines for products that you use in your home. It includes specifications like the height of a slide and type of platform. For example, if your slide has steep ladders, you need to build handrails for protection of swimmers. Apart from these, you should also gain permits from local authorities before incorporating a grotto waterslides into your swimming pool.

Find the Professionals

Pool slides need a complicated installation process. You need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions before assembling the pieces of slide together. In case of a rock grotto slide, it is always better to rely on the professionals. They can design and build the slide as per your needs. There are many ways to design a slide on a grotto. When working with the experts, all you need to do is select the right design and set your expectations from the project. It requires skills and the right tools to complete this process without snags.

Attaching the Slide to the Deck

After selecting the slide, the pool professionals will attach the unit to your deck. It depends on the type of deck that you have. The specifications and instructions can differ for concrete, paver, or wood decks. For the safety of your family, it is essential to choose the right method of attaching waterslides to the decks.

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Connecting the Water Source

Once you install the slide, you can make connections of the water source to the slide. It not only makes sliding easier but also ensures the safety of swimmers using it. Natural rock grotto slide with water also creates the right ambiance in your pool.

These are the steps to be followed when incorporating waterslides into your swimming pool. To maintain safety in this process, it is better to take the help of the experts.

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