You have the amazing health benefits of swimming at your fingertips when you get a pool for your home. But even if your pool is purely for practical uses, you can take it to another level by adding cool features. When you install stunning swimming pool features, your place will throng with people. Even for your private time while you chill by the pool, these will look pleasant and appealing.

Your Pool Is Not All Water

landscaping options

While it is true that when you first decided to build a pool, your main intention was to get more swim time. You might have wanted to install your own pool for the purpose of getting more physical activity. Or, you just liked to have a cool place to hang out in during the hot weather. Whatever your reasons are, you can still boost your pool’s appeal with custom features.

For instance, your pool doesn’t have to be just water. If you are a person whose focus is on entertaining your guests, add swimming pool features like a water slide or a diving board. We bet you will be elbows deep in having fun with your children or your friends. What’s more, these will bring out the child in you and it might get difficult to pull you away from your pool!

You could also try adding a quaint little waterfall that takes you into a dreamy place tucked away in the woods. Similarly, if the space permits, have a lazy river flowing by around the home or in the backyard. It will definitely make you feel like you have brought nature into your home.

Let There Be Light

Consider this- you have all these amazing additions made to your pool, which you can enjoy during the day. But in the night, they are not clearly visible because of lack of lighting; how sad is that? Especially, if you belong to the category of people who prefer night swimming to day time swim, then install ample lighting.

LED lights can be great options to make your pool pop in the dark and bring attention to its awesome design. For special occasions like date nights by the pool, use lights for which you can change the settings and create a romantic evening. Likewise, if you plan on having evening social gatherings, adding music effects to your well-lit pool brightens up the mood of your company. Not to mention, pool safety depends on sufficient lighting.

Choose Unique Landscape Designs

pool landscaping

We know that your pool is the main attraction in your Inland Empire backyard. However, adding excellent swimming pool features and neglecting the pool exteriors is a big faux pas. Your backyard landscape should be such that it has to elevate the beauty of your pool. There are many design options you could choose from, but keep in mind that they should not overpower your pool design.

And you must not think that you need extravagant features to make this happen. Browse through the pictures of the best celebrity pools to get an idea of how even simple designs can be breathtaking. The best way to achieve this is to look for designs that synchronize with the pool design. Having said that, contrasting elements like fire pits can add to the charm and highlight the sparkling azure water in your pool.

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