Congratulations on your wedding! You’re about to embark on one of the happiest days of your life. It’ll also be one of the busiest. From finding the right caterer to breaking in your shoes, you’ll have your hands tied in tastings and commitments until the big day. Selecting the right venue in Phoenix is one of the most difficult decisions but of course Premier Pools & Spas of Phoenix has a brilliant idea that might help you make a decision. Why not have it by your swimming pool?

There’s something quite luxurious about having a wedding by the swimming pool (especially in Phoenix) – the crystal clear water, nice open air romantic ambiance, and the cozy familiarity of your own home.  It’s every bride and groom’s dream to have a wedding in this type of environment. Plus, if you’re getting married on a hot summer day then it always good to include a little water. Also, if your swimming pool is not colorful or majestic enough for a wedding then you can always dress it up.

Here are a few ideas to transform your backyard into a wedding wonderland!

Floating Swimming Pool Lights in Your Phoenix Pool


One of the biggest perks to having an evening outdoor wedding is being able to light up the space. Opt for more dramatic underwater lighting that rotates to create colorful lighting effects throughout the entire pool. Or, choose a simpler, yet elegant options like floating lily pads, which can add a more natural realistic look to the scenery.

Add a Fountain to Your Phoenix Pool


Add a bit of drama to your wedding with a swimming pool fountain. Fountains can make all the difference between having bland or gorgeous wedding scenery when a pool is the visual centerpiece of your stunning landscape. It will add to the aesthetic of your wedding and also help to create a relaxing mood and promote tranquility.

Pool Floats in Phoenix

Pool floats; such as candles and floral arrangements are an easy way to decorate a small pool and set the mood for your wedding. Get creative and choose floats that match the theme of your wedding. Select from romantic, elegant and whimsical styles, whatever matches your theme.

Turn Your Phoenix Pool in A Dance Floor


Turning your pool into a dance floor is an excellent choice if you’re planning to have your wedding reception in your backyard. Install a pool cover that matches the shape of your floor and create a spot for your guests to boogie down; wile also adding visual beauty to your landscape for your special day. See-through pool covers are a great choice if you’re looking for statement piece, and a reason to keep your guests dancing all evening.

Enjoy Your Special Day!

It’s your wedding – customize your landscape however you see fit. Incorporating your swimming pool into your wedding opens up endless possibilities for you to create an intimate atmosphere that both you and your guests won’t forget. Whether you decide to add elegant pool lighting, transform your pool into a dance floor or add a stunning water fountain. Visit for more interesting ideas on incorporating your pool into your wedding or Contact us today for assistance.

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