If you want a South Florida yard that truly resembles an oasis, incorporating a waterfall in your pool design might be the key. Adding this pool water feature can make a dream pool unique and appealing. It will also integrate the calming sound of running pool water into the landscape design.


There are a lot of choices for a pool improvement like a slide, a heating system, or even pool lighting! However, nothing can beat adding a stunning waterfall to your backyard pool in South Florida.

Advantages of Adding a Waterfall to your Backyard Pool:

1. Soothing Sounds

Moving water offers relaxing sounds. Although it’s a subtle noise, it’s one that will instantly help you to relax after a tiring day at work. You can transform your pool into a tranquil oasis by adding a waterfall. It will also make your outdoor space sound and look like paradise.

2. Keep Algae Away

Incorporating this feature into your backyard pool does not only offer visual advantages, but there are also a few health benefits too! These features will ensure your pool water is continuously in motion. Pool water that is not circulating results in the build up of algae at the pool’s bottom. The natural water flow of your waterfall will help prevent the growth of big patches of algae in the pool.


3. Filtration

Running your pool filtration system throughout the day can be costly; however, that is the most effective way to ensure your pool stays clean. If you don’t have a waterfall feature to help circulate your swimming pools water, running your pool pump will be the way to go. This feature will not only protect the pool from algae, but it will also function as its own filtration system. You won’t be required to run the filter as often since the water feature is going to naturally filter out any foreign particles. You will make savings on your electricity bill as well!

4. Aesthetics

Obviously, adding a waterfall to your backyard oasis will add an element of sheer splendor. You can illuminate the night in South Florida by adding LED lights into this water feature. In addition, you can provide your pool with a more natural look and add unique character to your whole outdoor space by adding natural stones in and around the waterfall.

5. Stylish

Nowadays, these features in private pools have become stylish and affordable. You can also consider incorporating small waterfalls around the walls of spools. These don’t generate wide arcs, but help generate a splashing effect.

It may seem like an expensive task having your own waterfall. It definitely can be because the plushy-detailed water features of resorts may look costly. You can incorporate these water features into any landscape. Whether or not the goal is introducing moving water back into an existing pond or stream, or to simply install this water feature, you can find a lot of kits and resources to help you realize this dream. With some research and a helping hand, nearly everyone with an outdoor space will find the perfect waterfall. They will be able to make the most of its benefits and beauty for many years to come.


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