If you intend to use your backyard and swimming pool throughout the year, adding fire elements can make a lot of difference. A fire feature not only provides a beautiful aesthetic appeal but also lends warmth on cold nights. In fact, it is the latest trend in outdoor home improvement and you must leverage it. Here are the top three fire features that you can incorporate into your outdoor space:

Incorporating Fire Elements into Your Backyard and Swimming Pool 1

Add a Fireplace

You can build a traditional fireplace as a focal point in your pool area. But, you must take caution and design this feature to complement your home design. You can install it on the edge of your pool or in the patio.

Apart from lighting, a fireplace also adds warmth to space. Pre-fabricated or custom-built fireplaces blend easily with your landscape. So, you can add them to make a statement in your backyard pool project.

For a cozy and romantic ambiance, enclose the fireplace with any design element of your choice. There is a variety of fuel sources for these fire elements such as include propane, wood, or natural gas. Choose, preferably, eco-friendly and cheap option.

Fire Elements

Install a Fire Pit

Recreate the feel of a campfire in your backyard with a fire pit. It is perfect for your conversations around the fire. In fact, fire pits have become the most common fire feature due to its ambiance and functionality. You can either opt for wood burning pit or go for propane fire pit. For easy setup, natural gas is also a viable option.

Fire pits can be made from a variety of materials such as concrete, brick, and stone. Choose a style that accents your outdoor space beautifully. So, whether you want to host a pool party or looking to enjoy a warm evening, a fire pit is the perfect addition that you need in your backyard.

Put a Fire Bowl

For entertaining larger groups, a fire bowl is a stylish and functional fire element. A fire bowl can be made from materials such as cast iron, concrete, copper, bronze, or steel. It comes with small lava rocks, glass rocks, or stone pebbles.

Choose bowls with legs and a mesh cover if you’ve kids around. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit every type of landscape. You can add this feature to accentuate your backyard with an exotic flair.

backyard fire pit Fire Elements

Build Fire Walls

Imagine a wall of fire that lights up the night sky in your backyard. It is both surreal and aesthetic. You can tie the fire walls with your swimming pool for a perfect ambiance. When combined with pool waterfalls, it creates a perfect blend of fire and water.

The fire walls add brilliant light and work as a retainer for your pool area. The flickering fire and gentle splash of water are all that you need for a relaxing evening on the poolside.

These are some interesting fire elements that you can integrate into your backyard and swimming pool. Take help from pool builders in Charlotte to bring your imagination into life.

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