Fresno Pool Health Benefits

Pools offer a lot of benefits that help with good health. Engage in healthy habits with a Fresno pool! Here are some definite reasons why a pool should be just what the doctor ordered.

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How Do Pools Aid a Healthy Lifestyle?

Pools are a stress reliever!
Relaxing in your pool is a great way to unwind after hectic day or week! Not only does the sound of water relax you, especially if a waterfall feature is added, but the look of an azure pool will calm the stress of the day away. Pools are fun! Having fun and relaxing reduces cortisol levels, which directly results in a healthier and longer life!

 May Increase Intelligence
An Australian study shows that children who engaged in swimming had better motor skills, confidence, and language development than those who did not.

Risk of Illness Reduced
As mentioned before, reducing stress can lead to a longer, healthier life! While reducing stress, your risk of chronic illness or symptoms of chronic illnesses is significantly reduced.

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Full Body Workout
Swimming is a great workout! When you swim you use all your muscles, legs, arms, core back, shoulders and even your hands! This workout option can be great for disabled or elderly persons because of minimal resistance.

 Good Exercise for Joints
Previously mentioned, the exercises in water are low-impact which can be great for sufferers of joint pain. Always consult your physician before engaging in certain exercises.

Swim at Any Age!
Everyone can enjoy swimming! Even at a young age, such as six months, children can learn to swim safely. From young to elderly swimming in the pool is always an enjoyable experience. Note: Regardless of ability to swim, children should always be under supervision when around a pool. Even with a fence or pool cover, supervision is always advised.

Swimming Helps Flexibility
Swimming helps stretch in all the right places adding in extra flexibility.

Good Cardio Without Gym
A wide range of movement increases flexibility but swimming also reduces blood pressure and increases aerobic capacity.

May Relieve Bodily Pain
For those with back pain or arthritis swimming is often prescribed. Always consult your doctor before trying a new exercise.

Reduces Weight
Swimming burns calories! So while you are having a blast in your Fresno pool you will also be shedding that weigh that can exacerbate chronic illnesses.

Learning to swimReady to Live a Healthier Life?

Are you ready to add a swimming pool to increase your fun and health by reducing your stress? We are ready to help you! Reduce your stress with the fun of owning a sparkling, beautiful pool. Bring stimulation your children will benefit from by adding a Fresno pool to your backyard. Premier Pools and Spas is a family owned company that cares about your family too! Contact us today to start living a healthier life with the backyard of your dreams!

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