Infinity pool designs have something special and unique to offer. Actually, these swimming pools create an illusion of infinity. The far side of the swimming pool looks like as if it does not have a clear endpoint. Moreover, water level creates an effect as if the water touches the terrain of the ocean.

Infinity pool Designs 1

Is there any trick photography involved?

There is no trick photography involved. Actually, this illusion is created by a pool builder in order to you make it look like this swimming pool has no end. However, the water level remains consistent across the surface of the pool. Therefore, this type of pool design is known as the vanishing edge or infinity-edge pool.

This swimming pool design concept is simple yet ingenious. For this effect, the swimming pool builder follows certain design steps.

How an Infinity Edge Pool Works

The height of the back wall of the swimming pool is reduced based on the water level. This helps create the effect when the swimming pool is filled with fresh water.

The upper edge of that wall has a gradual slope away from the swimming pool. This way the water flows out just like a waterfall.

Another small swimming pool is constructed on the exterior of the back wall. The purpose of this Poll is to catch the overflow. Another is pump is placed the in in the small pool.

Infinity pool Designs 2

The nonstop flow of water over the small wall and back into the swimming pool makes it look like this swimming pool has an infinity edge.

Nowadays, infinity edge pools are not only built for expensive resorts only. In fact, many homeowners are investing in this type of pools for their personal properties. Therefore, you can find these poles in homes, apartment buildings, community centers, hotels, mortals, and Cottage.

Although the construction process looks quite simple on paper, designing and installing an infinity-edge pool is a lot more complex. Many steps are followed to carry out the installation of the pool. Make sure you consider the following factors when hiring the services of a swimming pool builder.

  • Is it possible to orient the pole design to capture the view?
  • is there enough slope for the catch basin?
  • Does the catch basin have enough room in order to construct a big enough basin?
  • How powerful pump do you need for water circulation?

If you are planning to build a vanishing edge pool and are looking for infinity pool designs, we suggest that you have the services of an experienced swimming pool builder.

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