By blending in with the horizon, infinity pools give you a luxurious feel. Experience yourself floating above the landscape. So, how does an infinity pool work? The concept of an infinity pool is quite straightforward, yet ingenious. Read on to find out how the magic of vanishing edge is achieved.

Working of an Infinity Pool

An infinity pool contains an exposed wall that is built lower than the water level. This arrangement will help to create an illusion of infinity when you fill the pool with water. The top edge of this wall is slightly sloped away from the pool. Water flows over the top edge more smoothly and silently.

A catch basin is built on the exterior wall that holds this incoming water. The basin is equipped with a pump separate from the main pump of your pool. This secondary pump recirculates the overflowing water back to your pool.

This continuous flow of water over the lowered wall, into the catch basin, and back to your pool, create an illusion of never-ending edge. All this is achieved while keeping the water at the right level required for swimming.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Pool

infinity pool

Remember that having a great view is a plus for infinity pools. They can create more splendor if you have a natural backdrop. Be it a city skyscape, sea, or forests; infinity pools become the focal point in your backyard. Place the vanishing edge in such a way that the catch basin is hidden from all viewing angles.

If your pool does not have a natural slope, then extra effort may be needed to produce the desired effect. Pay attention to the size of your catch pool. It must neither be huge nor tiny. Your catch basin must also have the right depth to hold the overflowing water. It must not be too deep and alter the water levels of the visible pool.

Installing an Infinity Pool in Your Backyard

pool installation process

After ending the quest for how does an infinity pool work, its time to have it installed in your home. Seek the help of professionals. They are well-versed with the structural and mechanical challenges you may face during the pool’s construction.

Do you have an uneven ground? Don’t be disheartened because some of the spectacular infinity pools are created on sloping grounds! Imagine enjoying the surrounding vista from the higher end of the slope. It may sound effortless, but you will need a unique supporting mechanism to hold the pool in place.

Professionals will help you resolve other challenges you may face during construction. Safety precautions like a partition may be needed if children use the pool.

How Much Does It Cost?

Infinity pools differ from traditional pools by using advanced catchment and recirculation systems. This difference adds to complexity and expense. You may also need a vacuum basin to prevent the water flow in the wrong direction.

You may expect a 30 percent increase in the costs in comparison to inground pools. Do you want your infinity pool to overflow on more than one side of the perimeter? Then be prepared to shell out additional expenses on this one as well.

Infinity pools are worth the money and time you spend on their construction. These pools are becoming popular due to their unique design and appeal. They create a magical effect using simple construction logic. Having an infinity pool in your backyard will transform it into something divine.

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