Asking about inground pool cost is a lot like asking the cost of a house. There is no easy answer. Inground pool costs in Souderton depends on lots of factors that the only way to know the accurate cost is to get an estimate from us at premier pools, your Souderton pool builders!

inground pool cost

The main reason a lot of homeowners hire Premier Pools & Spas of Souderton is our dedication to clear-cut pricing. We take the time understanding the improvements and water features you want. We’ll also give you a price estimate during the time of your free consultation.

Here are Factors Affecting Inground Pool Cost in Souderton:

Starting Costs:

To build a customized inground pool the price starts about $50, 000 and can increase depending on many factors. Since we custom design swimming pools of any size, shape, with several features, it is impossible to get actual cost of your pool without discussing with you first, check out the site, get a proper picture of your goals, and offering an estimate.

Pool Site:

Is the site flat or does it need leveling? Does the area have space for digging equipment? Is the yard’s soil rocky or sandy? Limited access and soil problems can easily add to an inground pool cost.

Influencing Factors:

There are several factors influencing a pool design’s cost. Definitely, when we speak about an inground pool’s complexity and size, people are aware that size affects the cost of material, which affects the cost of labor, which affects the inground pool cost. There are also several factors we should determine when we’re in the research stage.

inground pool cost


Full-sized inground pools need more materials and labor in comparison with small ones. The same applies to shallow vs. deep pools.


Your city’s cost of living impacts the costs of material and labor. Constructing an inground swimming pool in an upscale, dense urban area is usually more costly than doing so in a rural or suburban area.

Pool extras:

These include any features you want to incorporate around or in your backyard pool. Good examples are extra in-pool lighting, kiddie’s pool, diving board, forced current system, a deck adjacent or surrounding, fountain, rock art, or benches. All this will add to an inground pool cost.


Inground swimming pools should be surrounded by a deck or concrete sidewalk. The more intricate the deck, the more it will add to the inground pool cost.

Filtration and Heating:

The pool system you install can add to the final inground pool cost. You can choose a low-cost system, but you may cause yourself lots of future issues. The filter system runs all year round and some pool owners also operate their heating all year round. These pool systems work tirelessly and will have to be of top quality to always keep the pool system operating properly. You may save yourself a bit of money in the long run if you purchase the best, top quality system from the start.

inground pool cost

Inground Pool Cost- Conclusion

As you start to get a proper picture of how much the pool will cost in Souderton, you also need to start planning how you’ll pay for it, which include any pool financing you might require. The sooner you begin planning these things, the earlier you will be unwinding in your own new inground pool. To find out more, contact Premier Pool & Spas of Souderton today!

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