If you’re planning on building an inground pool on your Santa Clarita property, you must be wondering about inground pool cost. Certain factors will determine a pool’s total cost, which includes the fact that it’s an inground swimming pool. The best Premier Pools & Spas, Santa Clarita pool builders, have various factors that affect the total inground pool cost.

inground pool cost

Constructing and installing a pool often costs between $25,000 and $50,000, based on how you customize your Santa Clarita pool.

Pool Costs for Different Kinds of Pools

An inground pool cost will vary greatly, based on the material the pool is built from. The three most popular materials used for pool building include:

  • Shotcrete/Gunite
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl-liner

Inground pool cost will depend on which of these pool types you decide on. It will also depend on your preferences.

Factors that will Affect Inground Pool Cost in Santa Clarita:

Your location:

Your location, surprisingly, will affect the cost as well. High living costs in your area will mean high inground pool cost as well. You’ll also need building permits that will add to the total cost of your swimming pool.

Custom Features:

Incorporating custom water features, like a fountain or rock waterfall, to your Santa Clarita pool will add style making it more luxurious. Based on what elements you wish incorporated, these easy to customize features add to the initial investment you make in your inground swimming pool. They should be taken into account when considering your overall budget.

inground pool cost

Pool Depth:

Clients should expect to pay more for a deeper pool that will need extra labor, digging, and material. Alternatively, if you are constructing a shallow pool, the total cost won’t be as expensive.

Pool Size:

Generally, one of the biggest factors that will impact your inground pool cost is the size of your Santa Clarita pool. For a standard pool, you can often expect to spend approximately $50 per square foot or more, based on other customizations.

Pool Shape:

A custom-built pool will often run higher than a standard or pre-made layout pool shape. In addition, the shape of your pool will impact the depth and the amount of time and labor needed to excavate the pool during construction. A much deeper pool will also need more materials that will increase the cost. Your backyard’s soil and the natural landscape might determine budget changes as well.

Pool Coping Type:

You can use a range of stunning coping and finishes to customize both fiberglass and concrete pools. This will provide definition to your pool’s shape and edges. For an affordable, classic appearance, brick coping provides a low-maintenance option. Other coping styles like concrete or natural stone can offer your pool a unique and customized appearance.

Pool Material:

Concrete pools in Santa Clarita provide the most versatility. They also have limitless options when it comes to size and shape. However, they are likely to have a higher price range as well. Fiberglass pools are easy to customize and durable with an amazing range of sizes and shapes. They are often very affordable as well.

inground pool cost


Inground Pool Cost – Conclusion

Installing an inground pool to your Santa Clarita property is a great investment in your loved one’s quality of life and your property’s value. Your dream pool is attainable with Premier Pools & Spas! Get in touch with our Santa Clarita pool builders today, to help build your family the perfect inground pool.

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