An inground pool acts like an outdoor oasis in your backyard and a lot of special consideration is needed for the landscaping around it. Apart from being part of a visually appealing place of relaxation, the landscaping has to be sustainable, practical and safe for both the pool area and people using it. Flowering plants that lure bees, for instance, are not recommended near safe walkways and the pool.

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Landscaping ideas that you need to consider are:


If swimmers have to walk through the dirt or grass to reach the pool, or if the cement perimeter around your inground pool flows straight into your lawn, organic debris and grass clippings stuck to feet bottoms will find their way into the pool. Damp feet can also track the dust and debris back into the changing area or house. This may result in frequent mess cleaning and maintenance of the pool. A slate walkway or stepping stones covering the pool’s most natural part will keep both pool and house dirt to a minimum, and also offer a point of visual appeal through the yard. Opt for flat stones that are smooth and visually appealing for swimmers’ feet. Some miniature statues or garden art along a lengthy walkway add a curious, artistic air to the yard.

Tricky Spaces Around the Pool

Considering that a pool can occupy up a lot of yard space, there usually appears to be some space that is not in use such as, along a building, fence, or at the perimeter. Instead of allowing it to grow wild or perhaps dealing with mowing near the pool; stirring up dirt or grass clipping near the pool; use polished river rocks to landscape these borders. Such stones come in monochromatic color schemes or in multi-colored packages to match your pool area decor. They are generally smooth enough to step on and will not be damaged by the chlorine in pool water.


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Water Features

If your poolside space is big and has unused spaces not utilized by sunbathers or swimmers; water features can make your pool area continue having a relaxing setting. If your budget is big, a waterfall over boulder-sized rocks flowing straight into the pool results in incredible scenery that simulates a natural waterfall and swimming area. For a small budget, miniature ponds or small fountains fitted with rocks and pumps can reconstruct the waterfall setting, including the sound of running water to your poolside heaven. The running water generates an air of tranquility while reading or sunbathing near the pool. You can also place groupings of garden art near the water features and birdbaths positioned away from the pool to create spots of visual interest.


Privacy is an important factor for many inground pools, particularly if surrounding properties are in close proximity. A big privacy fence around the property’s perimeter and usually two or three sides of the pool will help to keep out unwelcome pool guests and wandering eyes while you are away. You need to check local laws before setting up such a fence, as certain cities have laws regarding maximum fence height and specific regulations for pools. Tall evergreen plants and shrubs that act as natural privacy barriers are other alternatives. Tall plants planted in pots may also make areas of privacy, and also visual interest in corners and can be shifted at will.


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Seating and Lighting

Part of the delight of an inground pool is the calming setting around it. Plenty of comfortable seating; chairs around tables and reclining chairs, offer your guests an area to relax while not in the pool. Additionally, subdued landscape lighting offers an intimate, private ambiance at night. It also provides enough light for anyone using the pool to see clearly.

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