Is Your Inground Pool in North Georgia Storm Ready?

Inground pools in North Georgia must be able to with stand weather of all sorts, but a storm can pose risks to your backyard that can be prevented. Hurricanes, although rare, tornadoes, and thunder storms are all potential weather risk factors your inground pool in North Georgia will face. These following tips can have your pool storm ready, protecting your equipment, and making sure your pool is in working order as soon as the storm is over.

Inground Pool in North Georgia and Storms 1



Avoiding Potential Risks

Proper water drainage in your backyard is a must. If rainwater builds up, there is a chance of dirty water spilling over into your pool. This dirty water will infringe upon a stable pH balance and clog those filters quickly. Be sure that drain maintenance is kept up to keep your drains free of debris, such as leaves, mulch, pebbles, and grass. Assuring your drain is free and clear will avoid slow draining which can cause a buildup of water. Testing your drainage is simple by using a hose. If you notice the drainage goes towards the pool contacting a landscaping or draining specialist is suggested.
During storms, pool toys and furniture can be thrown around by the wind. Anything not secured into the ground should be placed in a shed or tied and secured to the ground. Securing these items will prevent damage to them and possibly your yard or home.
Inground Pool in North Georgia and Storms 2Keeping up with your landscaping can prevent damage to your pool cover or prevent dirtying up the pool. Leaves, branches, twigs, or dry parts of bushes should be tended to and removed so they do not blow into the pool. Tree trimming is necessary so that branches are not broken by the wind, this not only protects your pool but could take care of trees that can cause potential damage to your home.
If without a pool cover, heavy rainfall will bring extra water. Some homeowners consider draining their pool but this is not recommended. The pH balance of the pool will be altered by spores and heavy metals in the rainwater, this can cause irritation to swimmer’s eyes. After a heavy storm it is suggested that you test the water for an imbalances. Overall, a pool cover will prevent this issue.
Securing pool equipment is important when a heavy storm is impending. If you have an automatic pool cleaner, it is advised to detach and store it. This will prevent damage to the pool cleaner or blockage due to whatever debris the storm blows in. Another recommendation is turning off any pool equipment and turning off the circuit breaker.

Build your Swimming Pool With Premier Pools & Spas!

When the weather clears you will be able to use your pool quicker if you follow these suggestions. Easier clean up and less property damage will ensure you and your family are back in the pool as soon as possible. Our pool building experts will assist you in determining what storm preventative measures are necessary for your inground pool. Contact us today for more information!

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