Texas, also known as the lone star state. They say everything’s bigger in Texas and it doesn’t stop there when looking to build a swimming pool. Most homeowners interested in building an inground pool buy house with bigger acreage.    

Boca Raton

Inground Pool Pricing-

Pools built in Texas roughly range from $30,000-$40,000. Which is a relatively cheaper price range compared to the rest of the country. Labor costs in Texas isn’t as pricey as some other states may be, so it wouldn’t be a huge cost increase. Take advantage of the lower prices in Texas and get a professional pool building company, such as Premier Pools and Spas. Fiberglass and gunite pools are the better equipped forms to hold up in the summer sun of Texas.   

Permits: Permits are still required in Texas just like every other state. There are forms you have to fill out to get permission to build on your property. These kinds of things and be done on your own, but if you are working with a professional pool company they will have more information on the regulations and help you get all the paperwork done, so you don’t have any construction delays.   

Safety Regulations: Every local government is different and you should check with your local county and find out your safety regulations. Most require a fence around the pool, and the fence has to be a certain height. There are also some safety regulations that require your pool to have a cover and alarm. So, we recommend contacting your local county and stay safe!

Add on new Water FeaturesWater Features-

Homeowners looking to build an inground swimming pool want to take advantage of the longer warmer swimming season with freeform pools and water features. Water features can upgrade your pool and be the talk of the town. Some popular water features are jumping rocks, slides, diving boards, waterfalls, add on spa (can be attached to the actual pool) and many more fascinating water features.

Weather (Pool Season)-

The big state of Texas has a long swimming season, due to the climate closer to the equator. As you know Texas is gigantic, specifically looking closer to Houston, Texas, it’s more towards the south part of the big state and tends to stay pretty warm. Most there weather stays above 70, except for their winter season, which creates a longer swimming season.  

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