When you’re investing in a pool in Santa Clarita, price is one of the most essential factors to consider. You’ll spend a lot on your inground pool, so you should know it will offer value for money and address all your relaxation and swimming needs. If you’re considering purchasing an inground pool and need to know everything you can expect, keep reading. This article provides you with everything you should know to about factors affecting inground pool prices.

inground pool prices

Factors that can Determine Inground Pool Prices:


The material you choose to line your pool with will vary the cost considerably as well. Opting for a material such as a fiberglass or vinyl can reduce the pool’s price. On the other hand, selecting gunite or concrete to line your inground pool increases the price, but ultimately will increase your pool’s value.

Pool Options and Accessories

As part of the process of planning and designing, you will make a lot of decisions on what choices your inground pool will include. From selecting vinyl and other features to choosing salt water sanitization system, heater and pool pump, we will provide you with all available choices and advise you on how they affect inground pool prices. Accessories, as well, like pool lighting, automatic pool cleaners, automatic pool covers, and more are all part of your new inground pool’s total cost.

Pool Maintenance Costs:

You should know about the running and maintenance costs associated with heating and keeping your pool clean. With a variety of choices available you will find solutions that will work to suit your needs whether it is robotic cleaners or an expert doing scheduled pool cleaning.

inground pool prices

Pool Shape and Size

Whatever the materials you use for your inground pool, your new pool’s size is a clear factor in determining its price. In both material and building costs, a smaller pool will often be less expensive than a bigger one. We’ve constructed pools of different shapes and sizes, working with homeowners in Santa Clarita and their budgets. Whenever you get in touch with our Santa Clarita pool builders professionals for a price quote, we will help you with size decisions and a lot more.

Pool Deck and Surroundings

Every pool includes the space around the pool as well. Your options of decking size and material, together with other choices such as landscaping, pool houses, outdoor dining equipment, and more are a few of the decisions you will make that affect inground pool prices. We’ve been assisting potential pool owners design and incorporate their perfect pool surroundings. We have over 30 years of experience that you can rely on to help you understand every option.

Pool Location

Where the pool will be constructed is a factor in its cost as well. The accessibility of your site to digging, water table level, and condition and type of soil and other equipment all play a part in the final inground pool prices. Having constructed swimming pools in just every part of the Santa Clarita area, we’ve vast knowledge in designing and building pools in every situation.

inground pool prices

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If you want more information about Premier Pools & Spas of Santa Clarita and how we compare to other pool companies when it comes to price, please get in touch with us to get the pool of your dreams started. Our team will be glad to help!

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