Indiana is a famous town for its numerous tourist attraction sites. Locals can indulge in the construction of inground pools mainly for commercial use. This can broaden the tourist leisure activities during the numerous warm months in Indiana. Inground pools can also be constructed for personal use. They add value to the home and give it a feel of luxury. Before engaging in the construction of inground pools, there are several factors to consider that affect pool prices.

Inground Pool Prices in Indiana 1


Factors to consider before setting up inground pools in Indiana:

1. Initial installation costs

It involves the cost of the materials used and the labor costs incurred. There are mainly three types of inground swimming pool types depending on the material used. They include:

2. Fiberglass pool

It is a preformed shell that gets put into a leveled hole that has been dug earlier to form a pool shape. Delivery and installation costs are inexpensive. It is easy to clean and maintain the pool.

3. Vinyl pools

They are popular due to their low initial cost, low maintenance, and versatility. They are also easy to clean. Their installation costs are fair.

4. Concrete pools

It involves using gunite as a mode of application of the concrete that constitutes the pool shell. The installation pool prices are almost similar to those of fiberglass pools.

In Indiana, pool prices may differ compared to prices in other states. What makes the difference is the overall maintenance costs. Fiberglass pools are the cheapest to maintain, followed by vinyl; concrete is the most expensive to maintain.

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Size and location

Charges are made based on the covered square foot of the pool. Landscape i.e rough and rugged terrains are factors that determine pool prices.

Pool accessories

This depends on the shape you choose and the inclusion of additional accessories like slides, rocks, lighting, waterfalls, diving boards and plants at the pool and its immediate surroundings. Use of pool heaters is on the rise in Indiana. These are extras to a pool, and may also determine pool prices.


Swimming pool permits are handled by the local authorities. You can choose to use a licensed pool company to do the work for you or do it by yourself. Either way, a one-time fee is required to be paid before issuance of the permit. The fee is affordable.

pool prices

Safety laws

Most municipalities within Indiana insist on the setting up of a pool fence to avoid accidents. Safety laws require a handhold at the pool edge to give people who fall into the pool accidentally something to hold onto. Make sure you adhere to all the pool requirements. Installation costs of fences and handholds are affordable.

In preparation for the warm months in Indiana that give residents and tourists an awesome swimming experience, it is best to look at the cost implications before constructing your pool. This will help you know what type of inground pool to install, the extras to use and the overall maintenance costs involved.

Let’s enjoy our swimming experience in Indiana!

Inground Pool Prices in Indiana

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