What are Standards for Pool Installation?

Installing an inground swimming pool FL will give plenty of benefits to your home, family, and possibly community! On average, adding a pool to your backyard is estimated to increase the property value by 7%-15%. Adding a pool to your backyard can definitely be an expensive landscaping venture, but the benefits will definitely outweigh that in the long term.

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What are the Standard Pool Basics?

• Size
The size of your pool will be determined by the space of your backyard. While it is trending to have a smaller pool, a huge backyard would look incomplete without an expansive pool. The size of your pool will be determined by any specific customizations you will want, such as a diving board or beach entry.
• Depth
Depth is determined by your lifestyle. If you have small children or pets, a deep pool may seem intimidating. Meanwhile if you are expecting to be diving in the pool, it will have to have a minimum of 8 foot depth.
• Finishes
Pool finishes range from plaster, to quartz, and finally a beautiful pebble finish. Discuss with your pool builder the type of look you will want from your pool, this, along with your budget, will help determine what finish is best for you.
Waterline Tile
Choose between glass and ceramic tiles for your waterline, adding great look and ability to determine when waterlines are getting too low or too high.
Move out of the way incandescent lighting, LED lighting is here to stay. With energy efficiency and overall brighter lighting the LED lighting systems are becoming increasingly popular. Give your pool added flair with LED lighting that can be changed at the push of a button, perfect for giving your party the perfect ambiance.

Small Fiberglass PoolsSpecial features of an Inground Swimming Pool FL

Water feature
A waterfall can look great with any style of pool, whether modern or lagoon styled. Of course adding a feature like this will add to the budget of your pool design.
• Spa
A spa is a perfect addition to a pool and can be incorporated in any style you choose.
• Rocks
For a more natural look, such as with lagoon style pools, using real rocks will give a unique look and make your backyard into a naturalistic oasis. Although there are realistic looking artificial rocks, using locally sourced boulders can be cost effective.
• Slide
A slide is a popular feature for families.
• Beach
A beach entry is a great option for people with children, pets, or disabled persons. The elderly also enjoy a beach entry as a smooth alternative of entry, as opposed to steps which can be difficult to navigate. Adding a beach entry will, without a doubt, increase cost of the pool.

Energy Efficient Gunite PoolHigh End Features

• Infinity Edge
Nothing says upscale like an infinity edge. Take your modern pool to the next level by adding an infinity edge.
• Salt Water
With added buoyancy you and your family will have a blast in a salt water pool. Lacking in chlorine, a salt water pool is a more natural way to swim!

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