An inground pool is an important addition to a New Orleans property. It can add many years of fun to your home as well. When thinking about a pool installation, it’s essential to account for all of the factors affecting the inground swimming pool prices installed. While adding some features during construction can make the project costly, you will find items that you can add afterward without running into a lot of additional costs.

Inground Swimming Pool Prices Installed

Here are factors affecting inground swimming pool prices installed.

Pool materials

Are you looking for a vinyl-lined pool, tiled pool, or a cement pool? Different materials cost differently. It’s expensive to use solid concrete, but it will last for years than a liner pool. And while you may like the appearance of porcelain tiles, you might not want to incur the cost, particularly when a liner that’s created to resemble tile provides you with the same aesthetic.

You should talk to the professionals at Premier Pool, New Orleans pool builders on which is the pool size to suit your needs. However, remember that if there’s a look you like that you think is costly, you might be able to use low-cost materials to recreate that look.

Inground pool

The digging aspect of installing a pool plays a huge role when it comes to the price. The kinds of materials for constructing an inground swimming pool are more costly as well. Also, an inground pool does add value to your home as well as make it aesthetically appealing.

Inground Swimming Pool Prices Installed

Pool extras

Do you feel you want a covered deck adjacent to the pool, or cement benches surrounding it? Why not consider a whirlpool attached to the main pool. Do you want a kiddie pool or a diving board?  All of these extras may add a lot with regards to inground swimming pool prices installed.

The great thing is that you can add many of them after installing the pool. Make sure you inform your pool expert what extra you want. They will be able to inform you what will make sense to install now and what’s to install afterward.

Filtration and heating

Other additional costs to think about is how you maintain, clean, heat and filter your pool. Though you can get affordable filtration and heating systems, keep in mind that the heating and filtration system of your pool will be working night and day. This might not be an area where you want to cut corners! If you economize here it might result in more maintenance and expensive repairs later on.

Size of the pool

Without a doubt, a pool’s size is the single biggest cost factor in any installation. If the pool is big, it means the cost will be high. Not only will the installation cost more, but also the cost of running the pool. In the long run, your pool’s size depends on how much swimming pool your outdoor space will permit.

Inground Swimming Pool Prices Installed

If you want to learn more about inground swimming pool prices installed, contact Premier Pools & Spas of New Orleans today. You can also explore our pool design ideas to select the one that will suit your needs.

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