If you are planning to install a New Orleans inground swimming pool, then you understand it will be an important investment. Whether you want a bigger pool that can accommodate your friends and family or one for personal use, you should take into account the factors influencing inground swimming pool prices.

Inground Swimming Pool Prices

A lot of factors influence inground swimming pool prices. The only way to know the real cost is to get an estimate from a builder, or better still, a lot of estimates from several builders.

Things that may increase or reduce inground swimming pool prices

Here are some things that will determine the final cost of inground swimming pool installation:

  • Custom shape. You will need to pay more if you want a customized pool shape.
  • Materials. The materials that you make use of play an important role in determining inground swimming pool prices. Fiberglass and gunite/concrete are considered the top quality materials and will be more expensive than vinyl.
  • Depth. If you prefer a deeper swimming pool, that will need more labor (excavating) and materials. Alternatively, if you are constructing a kiddie pool, the cost is going to be less.
  • Your location. Usually, if you live in an area with a high cost of living, then you’ll have to pay more. You’ll also have to pay for permits. This can be a huge cost depending on your location.
  • Size. The pool’s size is the leading factor that will determine the cost.

Inground Swimming Pool Prices

Extras you might need or want

Here are some extras that can increase inground swimming pool prices:

  • Lighting. You will find all types of lighting styles you will get with inground pools. If you intend to swim during the night, this will probably be an important concern for you.
  • Slides. Like diving boards, slides will help to increase the inground swimming pool prices as well.
  • Diving boards. Their cost can be on the higher side depending on what you want. Remember also that if you are looking for a higher diving board, you’ll require a deeper swimming pool, which will cost you more.
  • Spas. Obviously, the addition of a spa to your inground swimming pool will increase the price. But for most people, a spa is necessary and whose cost should be taken into consideration from the start.
  • Fencing. This isn’t part of an inground pool’s cost, but it is something you should think about. If your backyard is not already enclosed, you should install one. Or else, your swimming pool will pose a danger to pets and kids, opening yourself up to liability.

Inground Swimming Pool Prices

Inground swimming pool prices- Conclusion

As you start to get a proper picture of how much your inground swimming pool will cost, you also need to start arranging for how you’ll pay for it. This will include any swimming pool financing you might need. The earlier you begin planning such things, the earlier you will be unwinding in your own backyard oasis. To find out more, contact Premier Pools & Spas of New Orleans team today.

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