A New Orleans custom inground pool is an investment in recreation and fun. Like any other purchase, a wise buyer will want to know the overall costs affecting the investment’s total price. When figuring out the cost of a New Orleans inground pool, consider the cost of the swimming pool itself. Determine also the installation costs and costs of regular maintenance. Inground swimming pool prices also vary depending on the pool’s location, material, and size.

Inground Swimming Pool Prices

Factors that determine inground swimming pool prices include;

Backyard considerations

It’s important not to overlook backyard considerations during the initial process of buying a pool. Along with its base cost, the pool’s site might impact its price. Inground swimming pool prices will also depend on whether the backyard is hilly, flat or requires extra site associated work before, during or after the pool’s installation. If your outdoor space is quite flat, there will probably be little if any extra building costs. Conversely, you can incur additional costs if there’s a need for retaining walls on sites with big slopes. This will ensure water flow does not affect the swimming pool or any other structures in the surrounding.

Another possible cost is access to the site. Many pool builders dig and build pools with standard equipment. If access is limited and there’s no way to reach it via adjacent properties, there’s a need for special equipment that can lead to additional costs.

Inground swimming pool prices – the cost of installation

The installation of an inground pool can be twice the pool’s cost itself. Additional but important building costs may include soil removal, cost of construction permits, tree clearing, and marking underground utility lines. A pool cover might also be essential for a pool that you’ll not use year-round.

Inground Swimming Pool Prices

Other things that might lead to higher inground swimming pool prices than you expect include decking, filtration systems, lights, handrails, heaters, pool pumps, and ladders.

Ongoing maintenance costs

When purchasing your swimming pool, you should not only consider the initial price but also how much it will cost you to maintain the pool in the coming months and years. All pools need regular maintenance to ensure they stay free of bacteria and algae. This will ensure your pool remains healthy and safe for you and your family to use.

Your pool’s cost of maintenance depends on these factors:

  • Aesthetic costs – these will include elements like fencing, water features, pool lighting and a variety of other choices to suit your preferences.
  • Cost of cleaning – will you do it manually, using a robotic cleaner or a self-cleaning system?
  • Chemical prices for the sanitation system
  • Extra features like pool covers and heat pumps
  • Filtration system – consider the cost of servicing and running

The installation time

One of the huge advantages of selecting a fiberglass pool is the much lower time of installation. It just takes days to install a fiberglass pool, while it takes months for a concrete pool. You need to consider this when comparing different inground swimming pool prices in New Orleans.

Inground Swimming Pool Prices

If you want to learn more about buying your own pool or to talk about the range of choices available to you, please contact Premier Pools & Spas of New Orleans today. We’ll be glad to help!

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