Inground vinyl pool building involves a multi-step process. From obtaining the permits to excavation and landscaping, there’s a lot to do before you can swim in your new vinyl pool.

If you are hiring pool professionals to build your swimming pool, make sure they explain what you should expect from them, and what your backyard will endure as your new pool is being built. Ask as many questions as you wish!

Here is an outline of the inground vinyl pool building process.

inground vinyl pool building

Initial Consultation

The start of inground vinyl pool building includes an initial consultation and estimation with your builder. In this phase, you will talk to the pool builder about your vision, expectations, and budget. You will discuss important information related to the process.

It is during this phase that you should decide on the size, layout, design, and financing options. Once the decisions are made and the contract signed, the permitting process will begin.

Obtaining Permits

On-site plans will be drafted in accordance with your design preference. These plans are also used to go through the permit process for the construction of your inground pool. You will need to obtain permits from local authorities before starting construction. A reliable pool contractor will handle this task as a part of the construction process.

vinyl pool building


Once you get the permits, it’s time to start digging. In fact, excavation is the first phase of the actual build. It takes 1-2 days to complete demolition, grading, and excavation of the ground for the vinyl pool.

Installation of Pool Equipment

This phase involves trenching and running the electrical and plumbing lines in your inground vinyl pool. The pool equipment will be installed at the locations outlined in the plan.

After installation of equipment, the builder will complete electrical fittings for lighting, filtration, or any other additional features.

Installation of Vinyl Liner

In the final phase of the construction process, the pool builders will install the vinyl pool liners. They will prepare the pool floor with a hard bottom or sand before installing the liner. This treatment creates a smooth surface and fills the voids created by excavation.

Your contractors will also construct the interior block wall and lay down the pre-decking steel during this phase.

Filling the Pool

After coping and decking the pool edges, the pool is filled with water. Depending on water pressure, it may take 1-2 days to fill up the pool.

Once it is full, a pool company representative will come to your home for final consultation. They will add any finishing touches and provide you the tools required for pool maintenance.

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