If you are thinking of purchasing a pool heating system and have done some online research, you have most likely run into information and ads about solar pool covers. Dealers of Pool Heat Pumps will also recommend the use of solar pool covers to their clients since they offer lots of value to pool owners.

Below are the basics of solar pool covers and benefits they can provide:

Heating your pool water

One of the most important benefits of a solar cover is that it collects the sun’s Ultra-violet rays, heating up the air inside the small bubbles, and then transmitting that heat into your pool water. The amount of heat your swimming pool gets may vary based on the amount of sunlight your swimming pool gets every day, and also your choice of solar cover bubble shape or solar cover color. However, solar pool covers have been proven to increase swimming pool temperatures by 10 to 15° Fahrenheit.

For a solar cover to work effectively, you need to ensure that the air bubbles face down the water’s surface.

Please see the below video for an example of a pool cover.. A super neat pool cover idea!

Decreasing consumption of chemical

When water in your swimming pool evaporates, parts of the pool chemicals in your pool water go with it. Those chemicals should be replaced to maintain right balance in your swimming pool, particularly if you add make-up water. By using a solar cover to protect against the evaporation of water, you also protect against the evaporation of chemicals in your swimming pool, stopping the need to add more. This may decrease your chemical consumption by up to 60 percent.

Preventing evaporation

A pool that is not covered can soak up heat from the sun by itself, but the heat doesn’t stay in the swimming pool. When left uncovered, swimming pool water is prone to evaporation. It is believed that water evaporation is the primary cause of heat loss in pools.

The volume of water that evaporates from a pool may differ based on the humidity, temperature and the air temperature of your pool. The pool loses more heat energy due to a lot of water evaporation.

Putting the pool solar cover on the surface of your pool forms a barrier against the air that stops your swimming pool water from evaporating, helping to keep that heat energy in your pool water.

In's & Outs of Solar Pool Covers

Cutting down energy costs

The great thing about the solar pool covers is not only that they heat your pool water, but that they accomplish that in an eco-friendly way at no extra cost. Other pool heaters still need an extra energy cost to operate, usually either electricity or gas. Using solar energy to heat your pool reduces your dependency on electric or gas heaters, helping you save your money every season. If your property is in a region that gets plenty of sunlight, your pool heating system needs could be looked after by a solar cover.

Blocking debris

With the help of a plastic layer that is placed atop the water’s surface stops insects, leaves, blades of grass and other types of debris from getting into your swimming pool. Cleanup is made more convenient by just hosing this matter to one side and removing it from the top of your solar pool cover.

In's & Outs of Solar Pool Covers

Prolonging the swimming season

Using a pool solar cover to insulate your swimming pool helps maintain the water temperature for an extended period than if left uncovered, meaning the water remains warmer later into the swimming pool. Based on your area’s temperature, a comfortable swimming pool temperature can stay late into the fall.

Reduces replacement water

By stopping evaporation, less water is leaving your swimming pool throughout the swimming season. It means that less water has to be added to your swimming pool to constitute for the evaporated water. Swimming pool covers  are effective in reducing the volume of make-up water required for up to 50 percent.

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