Are you thinking about ways to enhance your Portland pool’s functionality and aesthetics? How about pool decks? These are amazing additions to any swimming pool area, whether on your property or a business establishment. A Portland pool deck is a convenient feature to have since it provides you with the additional area you’ll need to relax on. Furthermore, it increases the appeal of your backyard oasis Also, with the proper techniques you do not need to spend so much to have your dream pool deck.

Portland pool deck

There are various materials to decide on when you’re considering having one constructed. Of course, the decking materials depend on your budget and preference. Remember to ask the best pool technicians at Premier Pools, Portland pool builders about any extra maintenance tips for the pool deck.

Ideal materials to consider for your Portland pool deck.


Clay, stone, or other durable tile materials are getting very popular. This is because they are available in all kinds of different patterns, colors, and shapes. This provides you with an appealing and unique look to the pool area. But it’s not all tiles that are particularly water-resistant (like sandstone) and down the road, they can wear and lose their grip. Not forgetting some tile choices can get costly and most need a maintenance regimen to make sure they last for long.


While many people think wood easily gets damaged by water, there are waterproofing treatment procedures that will help it last for years under exposure to moisture and heavy use. A wood pool decking both looks good and is easy on your feet; however, needs more maintenance.

Portland pool deck


These materials are a preferred option since they can be made to mimic most other materials. They are usually more water-resistant and more durable than many others as well. The material is an affordable option; however, it does not have similar hazards as natural wood, which include less probability of splintering, lower growth rates and expansion on hot days.


This is arguably is the most popular decking material. It is affordable, very durable, simple to install, very waterproof, needs minimal maintenance, and can be slip resistant. You can either install concrete pavers, which appears a bit more dated and adds a little bit of complexity to the installation or have concrete poured, which might need a bit of extra maintenance. Either way, this is the most popular and often the best material for your Portland pool deck.

Selecting a Portland pool deck material should not be only a matter of choosing what you think is the most appealing. Here are some important considerations when choosing a decking:

  • A choice of decking materials resistant to frost, mildew, algae acid, chemicals and mold
  • A heat-reflective material will keep the surface cooler in hot days
  • A non-leveled, non-bumpy, a non-coarse decking material
  • A non-slippery decking

Portland pool deck

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