What You Need to Know for Pool Installation

Here are the top 14 questions that homeowners ask us. Each of these questions are answered by a Premier Pools & Spas professional. We create swimming pools that homeowners dream of. Here are the most common questions that they’ve asked during the pool building process.

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• What are the popular reasons to install a pool?
There are many reasons a person would install a pool. From aesthetics, to entertainment, and exercise which can improve your overall quality of life.

Are there any risks when installing a pool?
An expert pool builder will ensure there are no risks when installing your pool. An expert pool builder will know the best pool placement in your backyard, keeping in mind drainage and foliage. Be sure your pool builder has references from vendors and sub-contractors as well.

Will a fiberglass pool pop out of the ground?
As long as your fiberglass pool has water in it, it will never pop out of the ground. If you are worried about water evaporation, ask your pool builder about installing an automated pool cover. This will help evaporation and also keep your pool cleaner, which means more fun and less hassle!

• Are concrete pools stronger than fiberglass pools?
No, a fiberglass pool is much more flexible and stronger than a concrete pool.

• Are fiberglass pools easier to maintain?
Yes, on average fiberglass pools are easier to maintain, especially when your fiberglass pool is equipped with a pool cleaner.

Fiberglass pools have a smooth surface, what are the benefits of that?
A fiberglass pool’s smooth surface is not as porous as concrete pools which make them less likely to build up algae. A smooth surface of a fiberglass pool ensures that your skin will not be scraped by the concrete surface and your swim suit will not get torn up!

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• Can salt water be used in a fiberglass pool?
Yes, salt water can definitely be used in a fiberglass pool. Salt water pools are becoming more and more popular as a substitute for chlorinated pools.

Will swimming pools increase the value of my home?
Swimming pools add a great aesthetic to the home and can increase property value. If looking to sell after a pool has been installed you may want to make sure your pool follows the profile of other pools in your area.

If repairs are needed, can a fiberglass pool be worked on?
Most fiberglass pool repairs are simply cosmetic not structural. These can easily be worked on and the repairs are just as strong as before. The repairs can usually be done underwater minimizing an invasive procedure.

Can I move my fiberglass pool to a different location?
Yes! When you move your fiberglass pool can tag along!

Are the designs to fiberglass pools limited?
No, they can be any length, width, or shape desirable with white or blue options to choose from.

How can you customize a fiberglass pool?
LED lighting, infinity edges, mosaic tiles, steps, seats, and much more. See what is best for your lifestyle with your pool builder.

• How deep for a diving board?
Your pool must be 8 feet for a diving board. Diving boards require additional space.

• Are fiberglass pools environmentally friendly?
Yes, because they do not need to be re-plastered, do not need chemicals, and does not have a liner resulting in waste in landfills.

The materials you are using to line the pool will significantly impact your Pool Cost Las Vegas. Concrete or gunite pools can cost much more than vinyl

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