A lot of thought goes into deciding to install an in ground pool. Feeling the warmth of spring can entice homeowners to start building in ground pools, but planning construction in fall or winter has its advantages. Whether you’re in a remote area or urban setting of Chattanooga, the process of building your in ground pool can be expedited during the off season. During the busy construction season, spring and early summer, permitting is often slowed down by the increase of applications, so why not apply when no one is? Permits are approved quicker in the fall and winter guaranteeing your in ground swimming pool construction can start in a timely manner. Variances for zoning codes can also be processed at a higher rate as opposed to the spring or summer due to an influx of applications.

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Another benefit of off season pool building is there is not as much demand, enabling the contractors to really work with your ideas to get the most out of your budget and vision. Want that infinity edge, fire pit, or customized waterfall? How about all three? When you install a pool during the latter part of the year, when there’s not as many customers building pools, there is more time to work on making your backyard to your specifications. A job that would take two to three times longer to complete in the spring would be finished much faster in the fall. With fewer contracts in the fall the company can focus on building your project faster. Possible delays such as relocation of power lines, removal of large rocks during excavation, or a hilly backyard that could set back spring construction can be dealt with promptly. Since there is not as much demand in the fall or winter for pool building the contractors will be able to assess issues in a timely manner.

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Ever heard “plant in the fall, bloom in the spring”? Imagine being able to plot the perfect landscape to compliment your new pool. When the season comes around to swim your lovely plants will flourish giving the whole backyard a dazzling fresh effect.

Aesthetics are not the only reason you should consider building in the fall or winter, your wallet may thank you. Prices change every year, building your home in the fall will give you the most bang for your buck. Not only is it budget friendly, but your contractor will be more open to negotiations.


There are a multitude of benefits from constructing your in ground swimming pool offseason. There are advantages in construction length and budgeting from opting out of building during the busy season. The best advantage of this offseason building is, without a doubt, being able to optimize your pool time! By the time spring rolls around construction will be finished, meanwhile you and your family get to enjoy your beautiful new backyard immediately!

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With Premier Pools and Spas you will always receive our world class customer service regardless of the time of year, but you have the option of being ahead of the game this pool season with offseason construction. Please contact us today for more information!