Infinity pools and zero edge pools are fast becoming popular because of their visual appeal. Once thought of as futuristic, they are now the most coveted design among reflective pools. Read on to gain some insight into their construction if you’d like to add this luxury feature to your home!

Decode the Mystery Behind the Disappearing Edge

infinity pools

The disappearing edge is a carefully crafted optical illusion which makes the edge of the pool appear seamless with the surrounding landscape. It requires meticulous planning and execution at all stages of design and building. They need a lot of structural detailing and mechanical engineering.

Traits of a ‘Perimeter Edge Pool’

The most appealing of all infinity pools visually, is the ‘Perimeter edge pool” that is also called the ‘zero edge’ pool. These pools have a perimeter overflow. Water flows over the edge into an underlying hidden basin and then it is pumped back into the primary pool. It creates an illusion of a flat sheet of water with no limiting walls.

Planning an Infinity Pool On Sloping Ground

The most beautiful ‘negative edge pools’ or infinity pools are those constructed on hilly terrain such as the edge of a cliff or the slope of a valley. You get the advantage of a heavenly view that is stretches across the horizon. But, the challenges posed in construction are many. Utmost detailing in structure and mechanism is important to get the desired results. Zero edge pools are somewhat elevated. So while installing these pools you have to plan to provide adequate and secure support for the raised basin.

Construction and Design Complexities

Luxury resorts all over the world boast of such pools on their rooftops. Many place them near another water body such as a lake or the sea or even on a hill. Infinity pools are so popular that you tend to think that knowledge about their construction is uncomplicated. So, their design and building requires precision and can only be assigned to the best of professionals. Very few in the construction industry have the required expertise.

Installing an Infinity Pool

Gunite Installation

Imagine having such a visual marvel in your own backyard! You’ll need to build a whole pool whose edge is less than an eighth of an inch above the hidden catch basin. In case you are wondering about the technicalities of the installation- the water flows over the edge. It is then caught in a holding reservoir, only to be pumped back. The entire design gives the striking vision of a seamless water body.

Select the Right Contractors

You need to engage professionals with expertise and skill combined with years of experience to achieve the desired result. It is thus imperative to choose the correct pool installing company that can deliver this engineering marvel.

The amazing effect that zero edge pools have make them well worth the effort of being selective about your builders. You will be awestruck at how the pool blends into the landscape and enhances the boundaries of your backyard beyond the extent of your imagination!

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