You might be interested to know how you can enjoy taking a dip in your St. Louis pool as the weather gets colder. When there are shorter sunny days, a swimming pool cover can extend your season. But keeping your pool water warm is not the only benefit you have when you use pool covers. So, read on to know all the advantages you have by investing in various types of pool covers.

pool cover options

Reasons to Invest in a Swimming Pool Cover

  • Mostly, people use them to retain warmth in their pool. As a result, they are able to avoid water loss due to evaporation. They make sure that your pool water doesn’t freeze in the winter.
  • Water runoff from the deck also brings with it dirt, grime, and other impurities which make the pool unhygienic. Covering the pool will help avoid this and prevent debris and leaves falling in due to the blowing winds.
  • In the same way, chances of growth of algae will reduce. As a result, pool cleaning and maintenance will also become easy. Hence, pool covers prevent the pool environment from turning toxic and thereby, protect the health of your family.
  • Additionally, pool covers reduce chemical usage in your pool by 35% to 60%. This will be helpful to people with allergies as it prevents irritation.
  • Pool covers are worth the investment as some can save heating costs and reduce your maintenance bills. Energy efficient pool covers conserve energy, which in turn, means you save more money.

There are many types of pool covers available with the latest technology. Understand their differences and what unique functions they offer. Based on that, choose a swimming pool cover that suits your needs.

Thermal Covers

A thermal pool covers or blankets efficiently reduce evaporation. They are the right choice if you need to extend the pool season and insulate the water. A thermal cover also works well to keep dirt and debris out of your pool and its maintenance is simple.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar covers are the most cost-efficient options you have, but it offers plenty of advantages. It works similar to a thermal cover in reducing the effects of evaporation and keeps your pool warm.

However, solar covers also increase the temperature of the water by absorbing the sun’s rays. Compared to others, a solar swimming pool cover is also lighter in weight. For this reason, this might not be very effective in keeping the dirt and other particles out.

Pool Cover

Safety Covers

Other than the above benefits, some pool covers also provide safety for your family. These cover prevent accidents from happening as they prevent children from falling in and getting hurt. And they also keep small animals like squirrels and other rodents out of the pool.

They are available in solid and mesh options, but with the mesh covers, the pool is likely to get filled with leaves or twigs. You can use solid mesh covers even to close your pool in the winter, without worrying about cleaning it until the opening time.

Automatic Covers

While you need to manually operate most pool covers every time you need them, it is easy with automatic covers. By simply pushing a button, they open and close instantly.

Installation of automatic pool covers involves attaching two parallel tracks along the pool. And hence it is important that you get the help of professional pool builders to install them.

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