With the summer season very fast approaching, it is time for you to think of swimming pool parties. Backyard pools bring friends and family together, and having a party provides you with a reason to invite everybody you know over to enjoy your swimming pool. Your guests would not like to swim in a pool that is not clean.


Below are steps you can follow to liven up to your swimming pool before the party.


Connect a brush to the telescopic pole and brush the walls, floor, and other unreachable areas in your swimming pool, which include behind steps and ladders. Brushing will help get the debris and dirt out in the open in order that the cleaner or filter can remove it.


You would like your swimming pool to look its best, so you must vacuum it thoroughly to make sure there is no debris or dirt hanging around before your guests show up. You can use your automatic cleaner or manual vacuum to do the job.


Automatic cleaners are available in three varieties:

Suction-side cleaners: They function similar to a manual vacuum. They attach to your skimmer that draws in water, making a siphon to your filter system.

Pressure-side cleaners:They work with the help of the water that comes from your filters system. It connects to your return jet and uses the clean, filtered water to drive the unit, producing a water whirlpool that pushes dust and debris into a mesh bag. When your swimming pool is cleaned, you just need to empty the bag.

Robotic cleaners: These are self-contained units, which uses electricity to drive it around and suck dust and debris into a bag. The only disadvantage in having a robotic cleaner is the cost.


It is essential to examine your water at least once every week with using test strips or a home test kit. It is wise to get the water expertly checked before a big party. You want to ensure your swimming water is in the perfect condition.



As soon as you have gotten your water examined, you might need to add some chemicals to get the correct levels in your water. The vital chemical readings are your pool’s chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels. Ensure that your sanitation level is correct, your pH is balanced at 7.4-7.6, and your alkalinity reads 100 to 150 ppm. If, for instance, you use chlorine to sanitize your swimming pool, ensure your chlorine level is at least 3.0 ppm.


Now that your water is sanitized and balanced, there is just one more thing you must do. It is best if you shock the water the night before a huge party. This will super-chlorinate the water and oxidize any dead chlorine particles. This makes the water clean and all set to be enjoyed.

With correct chemistry, cleaning, and circulation, you will not have any problems, and you will all enjoy using your swimming pool much more during the party.

Is Your Pool Party Ready? Here’s How to Clean It!