You need to think about all the factors when deciding to build a swimming pool in the Hamptons. A pool is a good investment in the value of your property and needs smart planning. You should choose whether you want a natural pool, geometric pool, or formal pool. Also, where it will fit in your backyard properly, and when you need to construct it. While many people do not consider it, winter can actually be the perfect time to build a swimming pool in the Hamptons area.

build a swimming pool

Here are some things to consider before determining what season to build a swimming pool.


This is the perfect time to start the building process. This is because it lets you have all the summer season to enjoy the pool. But possible setbacks in the building process can occur due to spring showers and result in a mucky mess in your outdoor space. Delays in the installation process can affect when the pool opens.

It can also push the opening date further back than you may desire. Springtime is also a great time for pool contractors, so it might be hard getting on a contractor’s schedule. You should be ready for the probability of an extended timeline if you want to begin the installation process in spring.


This season is often hot and dry; making the pool building process is faster and results in less damage in your outdoor space. Summertime is clearly a preferred time for building swimming pools. The reason being, homeowners want to enjoy the warm temperatures by their backyard pool right away. Due to the high demand for swimming pools, remember that contractors are busy and are handling several projects simultaneously.

build a swimming pool

If you want to build a swimming pool in summer, late summer can be the perfect time to start getting in touch with pool manufacturers to start the pool installation process. The professionals will want to extend their busy swim season. In addition, many of their pool installation projects from spring or early summer are going to be concluding. This means that they will give your pool project a lot of attention.


This is the perfect season to plants flowers and trees. It makes this time of year a good time to build a swimming pool and plan the landscaping around the pool. During the fall the ground is drier and will make the building process the easier and quicker. The drawback to constructing in the fall is that you will not enjoy the swimming pool for a couple of months.


If you want to install in the winter season, you might get deals and discounts before manufacturers raise their pricing for the new year. After completing the building process, you’ll be in a position to use the new pool when the weather gets hot. But storms during winter might result in substantial delays in the construction process. This leaves you to look at a calamity in your outdoor space all winter long.

build a swimming pool

Build a Swimming Pool – Conclusion

There is no doubt that any season provides different situations that you should think about when you’re ready to start building a swimming pool. You should think carefully about what is essential to you and what will make the most sense for you and your loved ones. Whether you’re ready to start, we’ll be glad to can help you! Feel free to contact us at Premier Pools, the Hamptons pool builders to help transform your outdoor space into a paradise.

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