Jamie Lee Curtis’ swimming pool is right next to her beautiful home she has had for over two decades. Now not only can she enjoy one pool, but now two!

If we aren’t already jealous enough of this beautiful actress and her famed husband, screenwriter-composer Christopher Guest, we will be now. Curtis and Guest have just bought a home in Santa Monica for $2.2 million! This deal was completed off the market and sits right next to their current home that they have had for over two decades.

jamie lee curtis' swimming pool

More and more celebrities are choosing to buy up neighboring homes for more privacy so pesky neighbors won’t be getting in their way or in their business.

While you aren’t going to get much information on the house they purchased, we do know that tax records show the wood-paneled two-story home was built in 1987, has three bedrooms, two baths and is more than 1,900 square feet. The mature landscaping allows for plenty of shade and of course the swimming pool!

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Swimming Pool And Her Claim to Fame

Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh and through her role in 1978 horror film, Halloween got her first taste of fame. Since then, it has been an amazing journey and you and I have enjoyed Jamie in many different types of roles. We have seen her in “A Fish Called Wanda” in 1988, True Lies in 1994 and who could forget 2003’s Freaky Friday?

Where do we catch Curtis now? We can see her on the Fox series “Scream Queens”

jamie lee curtis' swimming pool

There are many gorgeous styles of pools when we are looking at all of the different choices and while we do not know what style of Jamie Lee Curtis’ swimming pool, we can dream about how beautiful it is and which one of the styles she chose.

Maybe Jamie Lee Curtis’ swimming pool is one of the following popular pools:

  • Architectural
  • Family
  • Indoor
  • Infinity

Any of these pools would be a beautiful fit for Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie Lee Curtis has grown into, not only a star but a person that we love to think of as one of our celebrity family members.

She plays her roles so beautifully and has been able to connect with us in a beautiful way. Imagining Jamie spending a relaxing day by the pool is a great way to connect with one of our favorite people.

Could you imagine having a pool of your own just like Jamie Lee Curtis? Maybe you won’t have two yet, but that could happen as well. Don’t delay your dream. See what you can do about it right now.

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