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Jose Lopez Shared Their Premier Pools Story

Customer Name: Jose Lopez
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: 05/21/2019

Pool Designer: Aharon Bennett

How Has Owning a Pool Changed Your Family’s Life?
I feel so disappoint, because the pool is not done yet and the people they've sent to work in my backyard are so careless with all my plants and irrigation systems, i know that I am responsible for fixing what they broke but that doesn't mean that they can brake even exposed lines and my irrigation valves. They also set the pool equipment in the wrong spot, and i had to wait two weeks for them to fix it, they also set the lights wrong and i don't know how much i have to wait for that to be fixed. I even try to cancel the contract but they convince me not to, today when they came to set the equipment on the Wright spot the leave the two irrigation valves running for i don't know how many hours and my whole backyard was so wet that the water almost got to my house. So far there is no happiness or excitement in my family because every time someone from PREMIER POOLS comes to my house is to do something wrong. I am so tired of being mad that all i want to them to finish and go.

Where Did Premier Pools & Spas Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?
! NNNOOOO !VERY BAD EXPERIENCE i wish i hadn't chosen this company because the lack of communication inside of the company is the reason they make so many mistakes. So sorry mr. Ron Bennett jr. But your people to me is very irresponsible.

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