A hot summer day in Redding offers enough reason for your furry friend to jump in a pool that’s not protected. Though a pool is a great way to cool down during summertime for your dogs, mishaps might occur if you leave dogs on their own. Here are ways to keep your dogs safe around your Redding pool.

Dogs Safe

Swimming lessons:

The first thing you can do to ensure accidents don’t happen is to make your dogs learn how to swim. A well-disciplined dog can learn how to swim easily. If you’re finding it difficult to offer swimming sessions, you might get help from a dog trainer to ensure your dogs are safe. All dogs know how to paddle in the water and get out of it; however, that doesn’t ensure their safety in deep water. So it’s better to teach them how they can swim through the use of frequent lessons.

Pool alarms:

If you have a swimming pool in Redding, CA, one of the most important safety tools on the market that you can use to keep your dogs safe is a pool alarm. These gadgets automatically sound an alarm when they detect movement in the swimming pool, both on the gadget and inside the house, in case your dog falls into the pool. They are easy to install and essential to use, always to keep an eye on your swimming pool.

Always supervise to keep dogs safe:

Even if your dog knows to swim, you can never tell when an urgent situation in the pool water might emerge. Always monitor your dogs while playing in or around the swimming pool, you can be certain of their safety.

Dogs Safe

Pool fencing:

In most areas, pool fencing is a must-have to ensure safety. Even if it is not legally needed, it is important that you install one if you have dogs or if wild animals frequently visit your outdoor space. Make sure you install a secure fence around your pool to keep the pool area difficult to access.

Personal flotation device:

It is important to have a life jacket or vest if you intend to swim with your dog. Even in your Portland backyard oasis, these vests can help to save a life. Get a life jacket that’s specifically made for keeping dogs safe. Ensure also they are the right size and fit correctly to keep your furry friends upright and afloat.

Keep the water clean:

Some dogs like to lap up water from the pool. This is usually safe if you disinfect your swimming pool and ensure it’s well-maintained.  But you need to stop your dog from drinking pool water if the water has just been treated with algae killing chemicals. You do not want your dog to become unwell from the toxins.

Dogs are curious beings and it is easy for tragedy to strike. By making sure you have got a safe pool area and pool, you can keep furry friends healthy, happy and safe.

Dogs Safe

Keep Your Furry Friends Safe – Talk to the Experts!

Do you have questions on how to keep your dogs safe when swimming and installing a new pool? As always, contact us anytime at Premier Pools & Spas of Redding!

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