With great pleasures come greater responsibilities. So, if you own a pool decking, you must keep it spic and span with timely maintenance. An outdoor deck is the best way to enjoy the sunshine and the company of your friends. Since pool decks have a lot of traffic and exposure to elements, they need ample care as well. If you want to impress your guests and make the most of your outdoor space, here are some tips that will keep your pool deck sparkling clean:

Clean the Deck with Pressure Wash

How Often Should You Clean Your Swimming Pool in Fresno?

If you think you can wash your deck by hand, it’s not so simple. Cleaning the deck is a time-consuming chore. You’ll never want to do it too often. Instead, pressure washing is the best solution to clean a larger deck space. When you consider the time and efforts you can save, it’s worth the price you’ll pay for professional maintenance. Cleaning dirt and grime using the pressure washer will prevent weed growth and heavy buildup as well. It will keep your deck in top conditions.

Scrub and Rinse

The outdoor pool decking is susceptible to hard stains. Pressure washing may not be able to remove them all. Hence, you need a cleaning agent to scrub away the stains from your deck. Using a cleaning solution, you need to scrub across the width of the deck. Focus on one section at a time for better result. After scrubbing vigorously, rinse off the deck using a hose. The professionals use better solutions for spot treatment and cleaning of the deck. So, you can lay your trust in them.

Use a Deck Sealant

Any damage to the deck is an invitation to costly repairs. If you want to avert the consequences of heavy damages, act before they come forth. Seal your deck with a high-end sealant to ensure protection from elements. It will keep the texture and color of decking material intact. Sealants must be applied repeatedly over time.

You can do the reapplication 6 months after installation. While concrete decks need sealing every 2-3 years, you can seal your stone deck after 3-5 years. Choose the sealant as per the type of deck material. For example, if you have travertine tiles on the pool deck, you may need a water-repellant sealant.

How to Keep Up With Maintaining your Pool Decking? 1

Clean Pool Deck Pavers

The decking pavers can also be cleaned using the pressure wash and special cleaning solutions. For surface stains on pavers, use muriatic solutions and scrub it properly. You can also power wash the stones for better results.

Fix the Cracks

Concrete pool decking may crack over time due to sinking foundation or freezing ground. Any cracks on your deck look unsightly and create tripping hazards. If water seeps into them, they can weaken the foundation of your pool. So, take help from professionals to patch these cracks before the situation goes out of control. Spotting the problem when cracks are small will save you from costly repairs down the road.

These are the best ways to maintain your pool decking in exceptional conditions. You should hire the professionals to elongate the life of your pool deck.

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