New swimming pool maintenance in Tucson is essential for the right functioning of the technical installation. A well-maintained Tucson pool reduces the cost of maintenance. Apart from using fewer maintenance products, you’ll have reduced energy bill as well.

new swimming pool maintenance

From pH balance to frequent cleanup, there is a whole lot needed when it comes to new swimming pool maintenance. But it is worth every penny for the hours of fun you will have this summer season.

Here are Some New Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips You Should Consider:

1. Remove Debris

It takes a few minutes to skim the pool’s surface for floating dust and debris and emptying the skimmer. Get rid of this waste matter away from your pool so it doesn’t get tracked back into the pool area or blown back into the water.

If you’ve got bushes and trees nearby that shed flowers, pollen, and leaves into your pool, think about how to replace them with less messy varieties, more hardscaping around your pool, or trimming the trees and bushes back.

2. Pool Vacuuming

It is important to do pool vacuuming for your new swimming pool maintenance. There’s no one who wants swimming in dirty water.

new swimming pool maintenance

Frequently pool vacuuming will get rid of the dirt particles from your pool water. With an automatic pool robot, the particles get deposited in the filter cartridge. It is important that you rinse the cartridge regularly. With a manual pool vacuum, they go to your pool’s filtration system.

If you have a clean pool, the technical installation can use less time to filter the pool water. This will let you spare the filtration system. The outcome: less energy use and longer service life.

3. Using a Pool Cover

There are some easy measures to facilitate your new swimming pool maintenance. One is using a pool cover when you’re not using the pool. Because of this, fewer dirt particles can end up in the water.

Additionally, a covering your pool will help to reduce your pool’s heating expenses. A pool cover will allow the water to the retain heat and helps prevent it from cooling quickly at the surface. The outcome: the heater won’t need to work as hard. You’ll be able to make savings when it comes to your energy bill.

4. Take Care of Your Pool Area

Another area that is often ignored when it comes to new swimming pool maintenance is the surface area, which surrounds the pool.

You should not overlook frequent disinfecting, scrubbing and cleaning up of the decking or tiles around your Tucson pool.

This part of your pool can actually turn out to be a breeding ground, transferring microorganisms into the pool without you even knowing.

new swimming pool maintenance

New Swimming Pool Maintenance – Call in the Experts

If you’ve got any cracks, leaks or anything you cannot easily repair as part of your new swimming pool maintenance routine, contact a pool service specialist to come to check it out. Do not wait, or the issue might get so uncontrollable that it will end up resulting in lots of expenses in major fixes.

If you want reliable professionals in the area of new swimming pool maintenance, you’re in the right place! Our team of skilled experts at Premier Pools & Spas service several thousand pools annually in Tucson and across the states. Get in touch with us for all your pool maintenance, cleaning, motor repair or pump repair needs.

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