Dog next to poolMemorial day is right around the corner, and for millions of pool owners, that means your pool will be open for the season! There are a couple things to plan for, but most the most important is safety. As we all know, children should always be supervised in and around pools, but did you know you should be watching over your pets too?

Most cats won’t voluntarily jump into a pool like a dog, but both cats and dogs can fall in. Heavy dogs with shorter legs are particularly at risk for drowning as they find swimming very challenging. The sad fact is that over 5,000 family pets drown in swimming pools annually.

Tips to keep your pets safe:

    1. safetyOur number one tip is to keep your pets away from the pool when they aren’t supervised. This can be tough if they have free range in your yard and you don’t have your pool fenced off. It is recommended that pool barriers are 4-5′ tall, which keeps pets, children, and most wild animals away from your pool.
    2. Keep an eye on their paw pads. Running around hot wet concrete all day would irritate most feet, and your dog’s paw pads are no exception. Make sure they don’t become scratched up or burnt.
    3. Dog life jackets have become widely available since more and more people bring their pets along on adventures with them. These are a great option if you don’t know how well your pet swims, are just getting them used to the water, or know they aren’t a strong swimmer.
    4. If your pets have free range over an area where there’s a pool, we recommend purchasing an alarm. Many pet owners buy an alarm system for children that will go off if it’s sensor comes in contact with water by affixing the sensor to the pet’s collar.
    5. Pets running near waterVinyl pool covers are not a safety measure. It can be more dangerous since they deceptively look like a hard flat surface to your pets.
    6. If your pet does fall into the water, there needs to be a way out. While we know the steps are there, it can be hard to pets to tell. Investing in a detachable ramp could help save your pet’s life.
    7. Give them plenty of shade. On hot days, your pet is just as susceptible to getting heatstroke as you are, except you have the upper hand in that you can ask for help and get what you need. Along with shade, make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water. You don’t want them thinking pool water is OK to drink and getting sick.
    8. Speaking of pool water, chemicals in your pool can cause skin irritation. Make sure you rinse your pet off well after swimming.

Here are some of the products we’ve recommended in action:

Hopefully these tips help to ensure you and your pets have a happy and safe time in your pool. We’re here to answer questions and help you build the pool of your dreams that also fits your safety needs.

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