Almost every Tucson pool owner has had to address algae issues. Despite being keen-eyed, sanitizers at their recommended levels and filtration systems working properly, algae blooms are still able to grow. Algae spores may get into your backyard pool in a range of different ways. They are usually introduced into the pool through dirt, rain, wind, and even on swimmer’s swimsuit and body. It’s not possible to keep algae spores out of your backyard pool, so it’s essential to prevent the minuscule spores from becoming unpleasant algae blooms. Keep your pool and your loved ones healthy and happy by maintaining your pool algae free. Premier Pools & Spas is here to assist in preventing and protecting your pool in Tucson from any algae issues!

pool algae free

Here are some tips for a pool algae free in Tucson.

1. Brushing the pool surfaces:

You should buy the best brush for your pool. When algae appear in your backyard oasis, a protective layer covers it. Brushing will expose the algae and let the pool water care products to perform their work. There are times that algae will be hiding on your steps, on walls and even around light fixtures. It is important that you scrub all these target spots before you add the needed chemicals.

2. Regular use of an algaecide:

This is a good way to help in keeping algae from ever thriving in your backyard pool. There are various kinds of algaecides on the market, made to help deal with specific types of pool algae. These products are used when you have an algae free and clean and pool. They will also prevent algae spores from blossoming, and ensuring you have a pool algae free.

pool algae free

3. Proper working filtration system:

You should have the right filtration in the pool to maintain your pool water’s health. Circulation permits pool water care products to circulate through the pool while balancing everything. Continually inspecting your pump and skimmer baskets can help keep pool water circulation optimal and also making sure the filter remains clear. Backwashing can help if you have a sand filter and making sure cartridge filters are free of debris.

4. Maintaining weekly shock and sanitizer treatments:

Making sure sanitizer is in the pool always is one of the most essential measures in keeping algae in check. Letting the levels of chlorine in the pool to become very low, permits algae to flourish and get visible on pool surfaces such as steps, walls, and lights. Whether you’re on salt or use chlorine tablets, chlorine in your pool water will help kill algae before it can be an ugly sight. To keep an eye on your chlorine levels, Premier Pools & Spas of Tucson provides in-house pool water testing!

pool algae free

Pool Algae Free – Conclusion

Following these steps will ensure you have your pool algae free this summer season. Should you have any concerns about keeping your backyard oasis in Tucson blue, contact our Premier Pools & Spas of Tucson professionals today! We’ll be glad to help! So get outdoors, go swimming, and have fun in your pristine pool!

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