Algae is a common problem facing pool owners in the Heart of Texas area. This popular organism is not only ugly, but it also can cause issues to occur in your swimming pool. In addition, algae can inflict considerable damage to the pool, resulting in costly repairs. Because of this, you need Premier Pools & Spas, the Heart of Texas service pool maintenance experts to help you take care of your pool.

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Algae can appear in a variety of colors and result in your water to look red, yellow, green, black, brown, or even teal. You may also see a cloudy appearance to the water, which is another sign you have an algae issue.

Sometimes algae float freely and in some cases sticks in crevices and cracks or to the pool walls. Although it spreads quickly, luckily, with the help of pool maintenance, you can treat and prevent it easily.

Pool Maintenance Methods to Help You Keep your Pool Safe and Clean

1. Use the Pool

Active pool water is cleaner water. When you stir up your pool water it will help you keep it clean and bring any standing debris or dirt to the water surface. This is the best way to prevent algae from growing.

2. Chlorine Shock Treatment

Chlorine acts as a good sanitizer for the pool and will effectively eliminate algae. If you’re currently experiencing green pool water, you can clean your pool with a concentrated chlorine shock treatment. This procedure will work great during the night, without the sun rays burning it off. The quantity of chlorine you require will depend on the amount and type of algae found in your pool. You should always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines when you use any pool cleaning chemicals.

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3. Cover the Pool

You can keep your pool free from dirt particles that attract algae and help it spread by using automatic safety covers. In addition, rain and wind also carry contaminants, which affect your pool’s chemical levels, making it possible for an algae infestation. Frequent pool maintenance will keep debris and dirt from accumulating at your pool’s bottom.

4. Proper Working of your Filtration System

Pool water that is not circulating can be algae breeding ground. When you want to treat the pool for algae, make sure you run the filter system constantly. Make sure you thoroughly clean the filtration system to prevent the buildup of debris that attracts algae.

5. Using Algaecides

You can prevent algae using algaecides. You can kill algae spores with routine brushing. Vacuum the pool to get rid of any existing algae that the algaecide has driven to the pool’s bottom.

If you think you have algae in your Heart of Texas backyard oasis, detect the kind to figure out the treatment that’s most effective. The most popular kind is the green algae, but pink, black, and mustard/yellow are also regularly found in swimming pools.

5. Balance the pH Levels and Chemicals

You should inspect the levels of chemicals in your pool at least every couple of days. It’s important that you use testing strips to measure your pool’s pH and chemical balance.

pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance – Conclusion

To find out more about pool maintenance, get in touch with experts at Premier Pools & Spas of the Heart of Texas. Remember that coming up with a basic plan for preventing algae will keep the pool healthy and clean year-round.

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