If you have a saltwater pool, then you know how essential it is to learn how to keep it clean. The better you understand the importance of maintaining it, the easier it’ll be to keep your saltwater pool clean. Keep in mind, after all, a badly maintained saltwater pool can be hazardous for swimmers. A saltwater pool is an amazing addition. It’s great for your hair and skin, and also requires less maintenance than a chlorine pool.

saltwater pool clean

Filter and pump should function properly

Keeping your saltwater pool clean is easy when all the pool components work properly. Keep your skimmer, filter, and pump in great working state. The parts work together so you should ensure that you check and clean these parts regularly since they can get clogged with debris ultimately.

Low pool water levels might be an indication that something is blocking these parts. You should clean up these parts weekly to prevent buildup. An easy trick is using a hose for spraying water. In addition, remember to clean your pool’s generator cell every couple of months since it can get scaly from the build-up of salt. You can use a plastic tool to scrape it off or a high-pressure water hose to clean it. This will help with proper salt circulation.

saltwater pool clean

Everyday tasks for saltwater pools

There are everyday chores you will have to complete to ensure your pool is in great condition possible. These include inspecting the pump basket and skimmer and cleaning them out as needed and testing pH and chlorine levels.

Using a shock solution when necessary

This is a way of deep cleaning your pool. It will help to keep your saltwater pool clean and looking fresh. A pool is often shocked using a solution created from water and chlorine. Remember to use a chlorine product, which is safe for saltwater pools. You want to make sure you’re using the proper amount of chlorine for the size of your pool.

Make sure you wait eight hours to allow the chlorine to dissolve into the pool water. This will mean that your pool is out of bounds for some time. You will want to re-examine the pool levels later on. If you have a huge algae issue, you might want to shock the pool multiple times. This will help in killing the algae and improve your pool water’s look.

saltwater pool clean

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