How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Sparkly Clean 1

Owning a swimming pool means that you get to enjoy cool dips, splashes, and cannonballs all summer long. Everyone will flock to your backyard for summer fun. Clean pool water is key to that fun. Sparkly, clear blue swimming pool water is what we all dream of, but how can you keep your pool maintained at that level?

Redding pool cleaning

Maintain your swimming pool chemical levels

Step one is to make sure that you are keeping up with your swimming pool chemical levels. Maintaining the adequate chemical levels in your swimming pool is one of the most important steps in keeping the water sparkly clean.

The key chemical levels to monitor are the chlorine and pH. Chlorine’s main role is to kill germs and bacteria in pool water. The swimming pool pH level determines how acidic or alkaline the water is. This reading influences how effective the chlorine is in keeping the water clean.

How to do it: Use a water testing kit from your local pool supply to measure the chlorine and pH levels. Regularity is key, so do this approximately twice a week. The proper chlorine levels should measure between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per million. The pH level should read between 7.2 and 7.6.

Pool Algae

Administer shock and algaecide weekly

Even if you maintain proper chlorine and pH levels in your swimming pool, the water may still need a little extra TLC from time to time to keep sparkling. If you encounter a small accident left behind by a child, shocking the pool would be needed to return the water to safe swimming conditions.

Once a week, you should shock your pool to kill bacteria or algae that may be growing. Shock treatments are available at your local pool supply store.

If you’ve noticed that your swimming pool is turning green, that means algae is growing. You should treat the pool water with an algaecide, a product designed specifically to kill algae. Algae can turn your pool water green, yellow or cloudy.

How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Sparkly Clean 2


Your pool filter plays a key role in keeping your swimming pool clean and clear. The pool filter removes dirt and debris from the water to keep it clean. In order for your filter to remain working properly, you must clean it regularly. The process is called backwashing and it involves water flowing through the system in the opposite direction to clean out the filter.

When your swimming pool water starts to look cloudy, it’s time to backwash your filter. You can avoid this unwanted cloudiness, however, by making a mental note of your pool’s normal pressure gauge reading and backwashing whenever the pressure is 5 to 7 pounds above the normal reading.


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