Your Gulf Coast gunite inground pool most likely gets lots of use every season. This is from the simple fun of floating on the water to workout routines, to pool parties. It’s a hub of entertainment, relaxation, and activity, and as such new gunite pool, the maintenance is important. This will help to keep it beautiful, safe and healthy for you and your family to enjoy.

gunite pool maintenance

Here are some new gunite pool maintenance tips to consider:

A gunite pool is a good choice for the warmer climate in Gulf Coast. Those scorching summer days are great for long periods of enjoyment in the pool. Ensure you maximize your investment by cleaning the pool thoroughly as well as carrying out new gunite pool maintenance.

Cleaning the walls and floor

While it’s important to clean debris regularly, the walls and floor will also accumulate buildup. With either an automatic cleaner or manual vacuum, scrub the pool’s interior every few weeks to keep the pool interior clean. If you don’t clean the walls and floor for too long makes this part of new gunite pool maintenance more difficult.

Regular removal of debris

If you already have an inground cleaning system or pool vacuum, bigger pieces of debris, like bugs, leaves, and other things that are blown into the pool, need regular removal. Not removing debris can affect the quality of pool water and result in algae growth.

Use the pool pump every day

Your pool pump should run every day; however, that does not mean it should be running continuously. While how much it has to run will depend on the levels of heat and frequency of use, at least 8 hours daily is enough for balancing the pool chemicals.

gunite pool maintenance

Do not disregard the rest of the pool area

The area surrounding the pool is another place, which is often ignored with regards to pool maintenance.

You should not make the mistake of disregarding frequent disinfecting, scrubbing and cleaning of the decking or tiles around your swimming pool.

This area can turn out to be a breeding ground, transferring germs and bacteria into the pool without you even noticing.

Ensure you include frequent cleaning in your new gunite pool maintenance schedule.

Pool water testing

Pool water needs a range of chemicals to keep the water clear, clean, and safe. You should test the pool water at least once per week to check the levels of chlorine, alkalinity, and pH. This test allows you to know what chemicals should be added.

Test testing chemicals

Maintaining the pool chemicals properly balanced is important to have clear, clean pool water. Our pool technicians recommend weekly testing of levels of pH balance, alkalinity, and chlorine. This will help prevent the growth of algae and other less than favorable problems.

Scheduling of service appointments

There is nothing like the care of an experienced pool cleaner. Our expert pool technicians can check the surface for any abnormalities and the pipes for leaks. Make sure you schedule an annual service appointment for your pool.

gunite pool maintenance

Ready for Your Own Pool?

New gunite pool maintenance can help you save big bucks in repair costs. By continuing to keep your backyard oasis in great condition, you can enjoy it for a long time to come. If you’re keen to know more about having a gunite pool installed in your outdoor space, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast today!

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