It is safe to say that swimming pools are a perfect addition to backyards, which is why it is also important to put up pool fences, put on pool covers, and even have an alarm set in place to ensure maximum safety. Luckily, some products ensure your pool remains safe for little ones as well as for adults. Below are some such solutions that can help render your Dallas backyard safe.

Keeping Your Dallas Backyard Oasis Safe

Pool Fences

Setting up a pool fence is a common and uncomplicated way to make your Dallas backyard safe. This form of gate-locking and child-proofing makes it all the more secure for your little ones. There are several options available, which completely banish problems like cracked hinges or complicated components and mechanisms in the fence. Furthermore, even removable fences can be put in place to secure the pool on a short term. These are practical for times when your kids are around. However, a more lasting solution would be the setup of permanent pool fences.

Removable Pool Fencing

A favorite among the pool users is the removable pool fence. It is convenient to use, easy to roll up and store as it is fashioned from mesh. It can be mounted when there are kids around or whenever there is a need for a barrier to the pool. You can simply retract it when adults take a dip. This fencing is transparent, which has the perk of not restricting the view of the pool.

Keeping Your Dallas Backyard Oasis Safe

Safety Pool Covers

Safety pool covers are a must-have. Often times, people confuse winter covers and solar covers when in fact, these covers are required to hold 220 kgs per 5 square feet as a minimum, to be defined as safety pool cover.

Solid Covers

Mesh and solid are two variants that are both fastened to a deck with the help of straps. These then pull the cover to stretch over the water. The straps are bolted to steel springs, which are then fixed firmly to recessed brackets on a deck surface.

Mesh Covers

Deck brackets that are not attached to the deck can be screwed down to forestall hazards like stumbling or stubbing of the toe when the cover is not in use. Mesh covers usually need a few feet of decking around the pool as the straps need to be fixed down. There is a wide range of deck anchors for various kinds of decking material. These include asphalt, wood, earth, concrete, brick and many more.

Pool Safety Nets

A pool safety net maximizes the accessible garden space while providing a sheltered, safe, and secure obstruction from the treacherous waters.  The size and extent of the net’s square establish its safety capabilities. It shall merely take a matter of minutes to remove or replace such nets.

It is extremely important to take precautions and to make your Dallas backyard safe for your toddlers as well as pets and visiting friends.