Keep Your Swimming Pool Cool This Summer

When the weather gets hotter, nothing is better than taking a dip in a cool swimming pool. But in the blazing heat of summer, the water in your pool gets hot, and your pool is no longer refreshing and comfortable. Here are some ways to keep your pool cool during the summer.

cool swimming pools

Run your pool pump in the evening

Pool water gets warm due to a lack of proper circulation. If you circulate the water in your pool at night, it’s possible to cool it off by a few degrees. You may also want to consider installing a reverse cycle heat pump that lets you cool your pool as necessary.

cool swimming pools

Install a water feature

Moving water is always cooler than still water. So, when you add features like a waterfall to your pool, it maintains a cool temperature in the water. Similar to the pool pump, run your feature in the evening. This allows cooler air to circulate through the pool water.

Install an aerator

When your pool water gets too warm, consider adding an aerator. It is a simple device attached to the pool return line that sprays a fountain of water. The water temperature drops by a few degrees due to oxygen coming from water droplets sprayed by the aerator. This device can be used in both humid and dry climates.

cool swimming pools

Cover your swimming pool

You can protect your water from the heat by covering your swimming pool. It does not drastically reduce the temperature, but it prevents the water from becoming too hot. Cover your pool tightly when it is not in use, especially in the daytime. Some solar covers can also keep water cool.

Install a pool mister

A pool mister is similar to an aerator, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Adding a constant mist to your pool results in quick evaporation that cools water temperature. It’s also a great way to have fun! You can run it overnight, and it doesn’t require a separate water source.

Drain and refill your pool 

Depending on the water source connected to your pool, partially draining and refilling your pool can reduce water temperature. It can make cool swimming pools, especially if the water comes from a well. Well water is typically cooler than surface water during the summer. So, when you drain your swimming pool partially and refill it with cool well water, it can cool it off. But consult your pool professional before doing this procedure because you will need to re-balance the water chemistry.

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