Installing a pool in your backyard is a demanding job. But maintaining it is even more difficult since it’s a daunting undertaking that will involve lots of hard tasks which can be costly. So you should understand your swimming pool maintenance routine to keep the pool safe, clean and neat for everyone to enjoy.

swimming pool maintenance

Cleaning the filter

A filter’s work is to get rid of the impurities in your pool water. Additionally, it removes waste materials such as small objects, leaves, dirt found in the water. To clean the filter, you should take out the cap and lift the basket. You can clean up your filtration pump once every month as well.


Another good swimming pool maintenance tip is using a stabilizer for healthy pool water. To keep the water safe from harmful microbes you can use chlorine. You can get chlorine in the form of either a stick or tablet. You place the tablet or stick into the distribution container by the filter system and pool pump.

Scrubbing and skimming

For a clean backyard pool, you should do swimming pool maintenance such as skimming debris and leaves off the water’s surface every day. If you have money to spend, think about investing in an automatic robot vacuum. This will help clean your pool’s bottom for you. Along with skimming, you should scrub your pool’s sides to prevent the build-up of algae.

swimming pool maintenance

Vacuuming the pool

You should vacuum your pool at least weekly. This will help keep the pool water debris-free and minimize the amounts of chemicals you should add to the water. Swimming pool maintenance by vacuuming every day will reduce the use of chemicals and staining. This is because of the fast removal of leaves and other debris.

Removing oils

Once everyone enters the pool, their body’s lotion and oil build up in the pool water. You can toss in a few tennis balls in the water to absorb these oils. With this swimming pool maintenance routine, the fiber on the tennis balls absorbs the oil from the water and offers your pool a fresh look.

Pool cover

You should properly cover the pool when you are not using it to keep the pool free of dirt and safe. A solar cover offers the perfect choice to cover the pool. These covers are affordable and will warm up the pool in summer months, helping to trap the heat during the night as well.

Maintain chemical level

You should maintain the chemicals in your pool to protect both you and the pool. The incorrect chemical level in your pool water will trigger eye and skin irritation as well as result in the growth of bacteria. When you want to do this swimming pool maintenance task, you should get advice from the experts at Premier Pools & Spas. They will help you in maintaining the chemical levels like calcium hardness, alkalinity, chlorine, and so on.

swimming pool maintenance

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