Have you at one time checked out your tub while you are bathing and spotted the ring around the bathtub? The same thing can occur in your inground pool though it is probably a buildup of calcium! Roseville Pool Service professionals will explain why it’s important to have pool tile maintenance. This is to help solve the issue of unsightly rings in your backyard pool!

Keeping Up With Pool Tile Maintenance 1

What causes rings to appear around the pool tiles? There are countless reasons they can take place; however, you should deal with the possible issue before it takes place.

The importance of pool tile maintenance

Brown, gray or white patches or lines can build up on the tiles, at the pool water line. This happens if the water has unbalanced levels of pH. The reason behind is that calcium carbonate separates from the water creating patches or even lines of buildup on the pool tiles.

The most effective way to ensure the lines don’t occur is to do frequent pool tile maintenance. Our pool experts will brush the pool floor and walls, balance the chemicals and clean the water to help assure your swimming pool will not have build up.

Keeping Up With Pool Tile Maintenance 2

Here’s what our professionals will check and do to assure your swimming pool does not have a build up.

  • Testing and adjusting the total alkalinity before you adjust the level of pH.
  • Testing the water to make sure that the levels of pH are in balance.
  • Chemical balancing and everyday water testing will help deal with any possible scale build up. It  might even prevent it from occurring.
  • Calcium hardness and levels of calcium should be level. If they are excessive, the swimming pool is prone to scale buildup. Adding a scale inhibitor or soft water will deal with this problem.
  • If scale occurs, you should use tile cleaner and a sponge to gently rub it. You can also use a soft brush, but make sure it is the type that’s made for use on the pool’s construction material.

Owning a pool is a huge responsibility and has the practically never-ending chore of pool maintenance and cleaning. You might choose to clean the swimming pool yourself, or you might choose to hire a Roseville Pool Service and maintenance expert to do it for you. There are lots of pool owners who undertake the work themselves. But they find it’s very time-consuming and in their occasionally limited spare time they would rather take a dip than clean the swimming pool.

Keeping Up With Pool Tile Maintenance 3

Pool Tile Maintenance – Conclusion

Our experts have got many years of experience. Additionally, they can help you to figure out the most economical solutions to make your backyard oasis looking new once more and keep that look for years. If your pool tiles are in great condition, then you should get them cleaned frequently to ensure that they retain their look. We will also assist you to put in place a schedule for cleaning. This is to make sure that your pool tiles don’t get dirty beyond cleanup. Any question on pool tile maintenance? Contact Roseville Pool Service for a free estimate.

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