Summertime means hot sunny days full of evening barbeques in the yard, biking, swimming in the pool, skateboarding and rollerblading, and watching beautiful fireworks while relaxing at the beach. But each of these fun activities has dangers; therefore, during summer break we must be mindful to be able to protect those we hold dear.

Below are a few tips on how to enjoy your summer break:

Skateboarding, biking and rollerblading:

Summer days are moments when kids love riding. Using an appropriately sized helmet to protect their heads is important, regardless of the distance they are traveling. In fact, most accidents occur close to home. Kneeguards, elbowguards, and wristguards are recommended when skateboarding or rollerblading.

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Unwinding at the beach

When you are having fun in the ocean with younger kids, make sure they are near you, even if you are only by the edge. Train your older children about rip currents, which are narrow streams of fast-moving water, running perpendicular to the coast. Should you be caught in one, remain calm, call for assistance and never swim against it as you will only exhaust yourself out by doing so.

Swimming in the pool

Relaxing in the pool on a hot summer day is fun; however, while you are having fun, don’t forget to watch your kids. Do not let a child swim unsupervised, and you should not be far from them when they are near a pool. Mishaps can occur in a blink of an eye, so ensure those in charge of watching kids swim are not disrupted. Always make sure that kids who cannot swim are not wearing inflatable floating devices but certified life jackets, and that there are a phone and rescue devices available near the swimming pool.

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You should be cautious about a child becoming stuck under a huge pool toy, and in case a kid is missing near a swimming pool, always look in the water first. For those who have a swimming pool in the yard, remember to have a fence at least 4-ft. High which has no access points apart from a doorway that stays locked when the swimming pool is not being used.


While everyone loves a mouth-watering grilled hotdog, barbeques pose enormous safety hazards for kids. You should not leave your barbeque unsupervised, and ensure that young kids aren’t anywhere near, even after you have finished cooking. Always keep a spray bottle of water close by, and, preferably, a fire extinguisher.

You need to be very careful with self-assembled grills since they are often less sturdy and one can easily knock them over. A commonly ignored risk of barbeques is that metal brushes and bristles used to clean the grates may break off, get into food being prepared, be consumed and result in serious injury. To avoid this, you need to clean your grill using an alternative method.

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Firework displays

These are more fun at the end of a tiring summer day as nighttime nears, however; could be life-changing if not operated with care. Kids should not play with fireworks, firecrackers or rockets since they pose a threat to harm not only the user but also those nearby. Even sparklers, fairly harmless item, get to temperatures that can cause serious injuries. You should not point fireworks in the vicinity of other people.

Summer break is an excellent time of our kids’ lives. It is up to the parents to make sure that they not only have a great time during summer, but safety is a top priority.

Kids on summer break? The swimming Pool is a perfect place to be!

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